Monthly Archives: June 2011

Confidence from uncertainty

The Royal Society has an exhibit on “how and when probabilities can be deduced, and the role of computer models” in deriving confident climate change predictions from uncertain data. This sounds most interesting! The exhibit is part of it’s free summer of science exhibition at Carlton House, London on the 5th-10th July, says the LSE.…

Civil society advisors reject OECD proposal to make ISPs police net

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has rejected a draft report by the OECD, concerned that it’s approach incentivised “Internet intermediaries to delete or block contested content, and lead to network filtering, which would harm online expression.”. They are concerned “users’ access could be terminated based solely on repeated allegations of [copyright] infringement”.

Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes

On 13 July 2011 the IEA is holding a panel discussion to launch it’s plan for comprehensive spending and tax reform – Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes: Big Steps to a Smaller State.

Discussion point: Abortion

Last week while at the IEA I somehow wandering into a conversation on abortion and ended up chatting to a a pro-life Christian Libertarian. He asserted confidently that his position (that abortion should be illegal) was the only one consistent with the key ‘do no harm to others’ principle, and that if we are to…