Party reform round up

The first short-term goal of Libertarian Home was, and for the time being remains, to facilitate discussion of a specific set of proposals put forward by Max Andronichuk and Gavin Webb and Party re-organisation in general. Time has moved along and those articles are falling slowing off of the front page and down into obscurity. I thought it might help to roll those articles up into a useful index:

  • The Fear of Freedom – examined the parties attitude to debate and called for additional devolution.
  • Breaking up the Party – advocated a “free-market” affiliation based membership model and rejected the traditional manifesto.



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Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to the benevolent logic of Objectivism. Find him on Google+