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Southwark Drinks 6th October

Just to remind everyone the next Libertarian Meetup is scheduled for 6th October at the Rose and Crown, Columbo Street, Southwark (that’s the south bulwark) of London. Things generally kick off from around 1830 as people come directly from work.

Upcoming Event: The Profit Motive in Education

The Institute of Economic Affairs invites you to the inaugural E.G. West Memorial Lecture: The Profit Motive in Education Date: 19 October 2011, 6.15pm-7:45pm Location: Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ 

 Leading education expert Professor James Tooley, of Newcastle University, will deliver the E.G. West Memorial Lecture. In his address, Professor Tooley…

First impressions

So, I’m back from a mightily refreshing holiday, a fact I’m rather chuffed about, and back with a shock into the routine of real life. This is perhaps not an uncommon feeling, but with my mind returning to this blog I began to notice something a little different from the usual post-holiday blues. I wandered…


Individuals and small firms will apparently be prohibited from banking with any entity other than a ring-fenced bank – or at least it will be tricky for them to do so. Perhaps most damningly of all, EU banks will be able to operate branches in the UK bypassing the ring-fence. – City AM

Leave the BBC to the left

Tom Waters over at Conservative Home has an interesting peice on the BBC, plugging the Freedom Association event tomorrow. It is nowhere near being properly abolitionist but is worth a quick read. This comment, from “Y Rhyfelwr Dewr”, is of greater interest strategically: Personally, I’d say cut down the BBC hugely — probably down to…