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Stanfield’s talk was distinguished by his assertion of the value of liberty, as a principle. Stanfield didn’t justify a total free market in education merely because it would, in the opinion of onlookers, have better educational results. People should, he said, be allowed to choose whatever education they want for their children, because that is an inherently good idea, along with such ideas as it being good for people to be allowed to say what they want and go where they want.
Brian Micklethwait

Liberty League Photos

We had a great time at Liberty League. The speakers and debates were informative passionate. I got a lot from the Austrian vs Chicago School debate, for example, and I hope they run more on the same topic. Despite reservations about tactical weakness in one speech, I heartily recommend the event for next year. In…

Pressure on Cameron

Before the vote last night I emailed my Tory constituency MP and highlighted the lack of “moral clarity” that a vote against the EU referendum represented. I told her that denying the people a vote on how decisions are made about their lives represented the most fundamental attack on liberty that you could choose to…

Steve Baker’s speech

Steve Baker was tonight’s after dinner speaker at the Liberty League conference. I live tweeted this at the time despite an injunction to “please don’t tweet everything I say”. As you may have gathered, the speech was as an excellent if slightly flawed piece of public speaking. It was inspiring and peppered with practical advice…