Remember, Remember the 5th of November

An event I got invited to today by facebook:
‘November the 5th, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night,
is a significant date in English history and one that Libertarians and Anarchists hold close to their hearts as well. Whilst most celebrate this as the date when King James I survived the terrorist gunpowder plot of 1605, others will mark it as the date on which this country was within an inch of abolishing it’s
… governing elite.

This November the 5th we would like to invite you to take part in some fancy dress, discussion and drinks. Every year, a prominent Libertarian blogger who is known only as “Old Holborn”, orchestrates a march on parliament to remind the 650 of “them” that there are 60 million of “us”.

The event involves meeting at a central London pub beforehand, everyone in dressed in Guy Fawkes (or V for Vendetta) outfits and then a walk down to parliament (in the past this has been done with the occasional barrel of “gunpowder”). We will most likely be allowed to enter the premises, as we are honest people with honest intentions… but we will have to remove our masks.

After a quick tour of the public gallery, we will look to head off to the pub for a few drinks and a talk with guest speaker Old Holborn himself (topic to be announced) and to finish the night off, a grand fireworks display at Battersea park to mark the occasion.’

I’ll be there, hopefully see some of you too. Now to find a Guy Fawkes mask…