What are #OccupyLSX saying?

Feed me your Wages

Yesterday, the protesters at St Paul’s dressed as zombies and marched through the City to “dance on the grave of capitalism”. At last they are being clear, they want capitalists dead and they want to feed, as the pictures clearly show, by buying their food (presumably some kind of carrion) using the expropriated wages of dead capitalists.

Oh hang on, that isn’t clear at all. If the capitalists are dead, who’s wages will they claim ownership of? Who’s wages do they want to be fed? And while we’re at it, why is that zombie wearing a suit?

Oh I see, perhaps they are pretending they are the zombies of the dead capitalists they plan to kill. But no, that’s no better, why would a capitalist want to feed off a socialist’s wages. Socialists reject all wages (because money is evil) and tend not to earn them anyway because (and I’m pretty sure about this bit) socialist countries tend to be incredibly poor.

Then again, they are pretending to be dead zombie capitalists. Perhaps the narrative of this little story is that the part of the brain responsible for economic reasoning was eaten out by maggots and they are all pretending to be confused dead zombie bankers murdered by tent dwelling socialists and mistakenly asking socialists for non-existent evil wages to feed their accursed afterlives?

Phew! Quite a plot twist that one, I was nearly confused myself.

Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to the benevolent logic of Objectivism. Find him on Google+ 


  2 comments for “What are #OccupyLSX saying?

  1. John Watson
    Nov 2, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    To most libertarians “Capitalism” is the voluntary trade between peaceful individuals with out third party interference or theft. To communists or anarchist communists “capitalism” is greed, and nothing to do with the voluntary trade and the only way of controlling greed is via government coercion.

    The people on the streets have been the victim of the Keynesian economic cycle, they have had pay freezes, pay cuts or even lost jobs. The bankers had a bail out but the rest of us peaceful individuals are the ones who had to suffer and pay for these bail outs.

    These socialists on the streets, it is easier joining and paying these big government loving lobbyists with a simple solution of more government coercion to control greed.

    As libertarians, we need to educate individuals how freedom/liberty and applying this freedom to the economy is the only way forward. But what ever you do never use the word “capitalism” in front of these people and they read from a different dictionary.

  2. Runcie Balspune
    Nov 6, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    “These socialists on the streets, it is easier joining and paying these big government loving lobbyists with a simple solution of more government coercion to control greed.”

    Most of the “socialists on the streets” simply enjoy telling people what to do and believe they are the ideal people to do it, this is nothing more than closet fascism and has absolutely nothing to do with freedom and liberty.

    Capitalism depends on greed, that is how it succeeds, because everyone is essentially greedy in one form or another, that is why it “works” to a (debatable) degree. Socialism, on the other hand, depends on people being (for want of a better word) generous, and not everyone is generous in the way socialists want them to be, so it relies on coercion (read: violence) to enforce such generosity, that is why is doesn’t “work” and never will.

    Most street socialists are in the game to be enforcers because they get a kick out of being the rabble rouser and watching the lemmings follow their directions, they use violence and intimidation because that is their modus operandi, and will continue to do so if they ever grab hold of the reins of power with both bloodied hands.

    I really admire people here who attempt to educate the sheep amongst the wolves at St Paul’s, I really do, but a vast amount of them are there because they are control freaks with a vengeance to dominate behind a silly mask of respectability, not bring about liberty, peace and freedom. They are not the sort to be engaged with.

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