Monthly Archives: May 2012

Self-interest in campaigning

two gourmet pasties

I have a new found respect for Gregg’s the baker. Their Save our Savouries campaign including an online and counter-top petition was obviously self-interested and yet it’s worked. They got exactly what they wanted from the watering down of the Pasty Tax and achieved popular support and favourable media coverage. What I like about this…

ACTA protest plans

I am gathering expressions of interest in attending, and leafletting, the ACTA demo on 9th June. The intention will be to reach out to other protestors as much as members of the public. Both audiences will not have normally dealt with or heard from Libertarians. It will be an opportunity to meet and socialise with…

Objectivist rationale for drug legalisation

Yaron Brook answers a question about drug legalisation. In an earlier video from the ASI in London he talks at some length about selfishness and he uses drug abuse as a definitive example of the difference between rational self interest and self-destructive behaviours. This illustrates a subtlety that is common to a lot of libertarian…


We believe that copyright works best by consent

– former Green Party activist Jim Killock