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Guido’s Christmas drinks


Guido Fawkes blog is having a party: Guido’s Christmas drinks this year will be on Wednesday 19th December at 5pm, bringing together readers, co-conspirators, Westminster wonks, weirdos, movers and shakers, and seasoned drunks. Further information, including venue presumably, will be sent to newsletter subscribers. If you aren’t subscribed, or can’t get enough then the Libertarian…

UKIP on fire

UKIP logo

UKIP have placed second in yesterday’s polls in Rotherham and Middlesborough with +16% and +8% swing. In Croydon North they placed third with +4% swing. In each case, the Lib Dems were beaten. A libertarian party as the third party? I don’t quite think so, but it is certainly interesting.

Starbucks do not pay corporation tax


I don’t work for them, I don’t even like them. The coffee is as bland as the shop, but I use them anyway because it’s convenient and they have wifi. At least the staff are consistently friendly and try their best despite atrociously long queues. Starbucks is insanely popular. Whether we like to admit it…

Burka Ban Bites


So UKIP are furious that they got called racist and two of their members were therefore not selected as the permanent foster parents for ethnic minority children. UKIP have been bundled together with the BNP quite unfairly for ages, not least by Baroness Warsi whom many would suppose to be well informed on the issues…

Replacing the single manifesto

© Sarah Bresee

Last night at the Pro Liberty Social I repeatedly promoted an idea I had a long time ago about how to handle policy decision making in a libertarian party. There was more interest in this there, than I remember the original article getting. It was a long and rambling tour of issues current at the…