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The stupid cookie law is dead at last


The ICO has announced that their own use of cookies is reverting to 2009, with a bigger warning. Thank god the holier than thou Information Commissioner has realised that reality it what it is, unless you can invent something better, and accepted common sense. Silk Tide write: The Information Commissioner’s Office – who for brevity…


Things have move on since 1700. We now have ubiquitous internet, exchange of information, people able to connect and form pressure groups etc. Prior to the internet, it would have been hard for people to know others were having the same problems, let alone connect with them an do something about it. I strongly believe that the internet age has made Libertarianism an even more practical proposition than it was previously.

– James Rigby, on Facebook

Southwark Social Thursday 7th

The Rose and Crown, Photographed by Ewan Munro

The next Rose and Crown meetup on 7th February is a “social” meaning no formality and maximum time for chat. If you want to get to know other libertarians, share a grand scheme, or ask a random sample of them the questions you are interested in, then this is the time. The pub is open…

Demand mediocre gun laws


Since the Newtown shootings I’ve been hearing a great deal, understandably, about murder and violent crime statistics. Richard compared UK and US homicide statistics and Michael looked at the media angle. It’s time to look at the two together. You may remember that a variety of celebrities took to TV to demand that the people…

Arthur Shenfield on the Mentality of the Economic Planner


The difficulty with the definition of economic planning is not merely that it may range from, say, antitrust legislation at the one extreme to the work of a Gosplan at the other, but also that its practice always differs from its theory or intention. We may, if we wish, exclude antitrust legislation and any other…