On Swimming with Sharks

There is a theory that suggests to be good at business you must be hard nosed, ruthless, dishonest and fight for everything. It, essentially, suggests business is a form of warfare carried out by individuals against each other where the winner takes all. It states that if you’re not tough enough you shouldn’t get involved in ‘business’.

This, I have learnt, is complete bollocks. Yes, there are bastards out there — lot’s of them. But the essence of good business is cooperation and honesty. It’s about finding and working with decent and honourable people. Men and women who value what you do, pay you on time, go that extra mile for you and want to achieve the same things as you.



You can, if you desire, swim with the sharks. You may even become the biggest shark. But most of the time you will end up swimming round in circles wasting time, money, resources and energy on people who simply don’t deserve that time. And certainly aren’t paying you a fair rate for it. These people will stop you achieving your goals and add no value to your life or your business.

My advice is simple. Be the good guy or gal, fight clean and keep away from the time wasters, charlatans and arseholes.

— End sermon…

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  2. Feb 20, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    I wish I could press important twice. This is an all too common misconception, but as Andy pointed out yesterday we must also recognise the grain of truth in it or else end up defending bad people.

  3. Ayumi
    Feb 21, 2014 at 10:43 am

    I’m trying to remember, it might have been a TED talk, someone was talking about education, and how ridiculous it was to pit students against each other in order to ‘prepare them for the real world’, when in reality, one of the more important traits of successful business people and corporations is the ability to work together in a team. You work together with your peers to compete against another team.

    If people were dealing with individual charlatans and the like, it would be easy to give them the finger(s) and walk off. You can even do this with smaller companies, provided that it’s not a monopoly. But when it comes to mega-business being a arse about things, (and often the individual people working for the company is just doing their job, so you can’t really blame them), whatever complaints we may have against the company is merely received in an echo chamber.

    That’s why I like the Internet. Although GCHQ, NSA and the like are slithering amongst our data, we have whistle blowers, Anonymous, and a gazillion individual voices on blogs and Twitter to fight these beasts. It’s the closest thing I know to a level playing-field. So thanks for being a technician – as there seems to be a lot at Lib home.

  4. attila the hun
    Mar 16, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    So so correct. Morals are important, we must move from what we can get away with to what is “right”.

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