Video: Is Inequality Fair?

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it along to the first full blown speaker event of the London Ayn Rand meetup last night. Which is a shame because I really want to support it. There is considerable value for libertarians in looking closely at Rand’s work. I am, however, quite sure it will have gone well. I’m hearing that the Q&A was lively.

Since I am probably not the only person to miss out I thought it would be worth posting a version of the same talk by the ARI’s principle spokesperson Yaron Brook:

Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to the benevolent logic of Objectivism. Find him on Google+ 

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  1. May 16, 2014 at 11:23 am

    There’s some good stuff here, but it’s perhaps unfortunate that he uses Bill Gates as an example, seeing how a great deal of his wealth comes from that species of cronyism known as “intellectual property”.

    Regarding the “you didn’t build that” stuff:

    (I never miss a chance to big up Anthony de Jasay!)

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