Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to the benevolent logic of Objectivism. Find him on Google+

Audio: Making Change Within Your Lifetime


This rather noisy recording is from the Fine Line – the dinner and drinks venue for the Liberty League Freedom Forum 2015. Brian Micklethwait, Charlotte Bowyer and Guy Herbert joined myself for a wide ranging chat about how they have do and have done libertarian activism. I think all the participants looked at their…

My Liberty League Picks

Liberty League Sign

So I am sat in the foyer with a fellow Objectivist looking through the Liberty League schedule. Here are my picks: The Magna Carta keynote: you can’t avoid the keynote, there is nothing else on. I do wonder what this is doing here though apart from ticking a “its an anniversary box”. A constitutional reboot…

Feminist Jazz Hands


So you’ve all by now heard the story about people at an NUS womens’ conference getting anxious because of all the clapping, and officials asking conference attendees to please do “jazz hands” instead. If you didn’t hear, then here are the tweets that triggered the meme: @nuswomcam please can we ask people to stop clapping but…

Vote for me! Vote for me!


An entertaining song about the election with a conclusion Libertarians can get behind. I’m not sure all of the sentiments expressed are, strictly and all things considered, true, but that doesn’t stop it being funny:

A Regrettable Aggravation

GB Accounts, 2010

I have not been keeping up with the old LIbertarian Party because I lack the motivation to do so. I regard them as a pointless distraction which is frustratingly still ongoing. It is impressive what Guy Montrose has done with the Facebook page – it’s full of energy – but that energy is being wasted.…

Liberty League tie ins


Regular readers will of course be familiar with the annual Liberty League Freedom Forum. This year Libertarian Home will have a presence as part of the official “fringe” series of events, literally alongside such esteemed organisations as The Ayn Rand Institute and the Tax Payers Alliance. This goes to show that if you turn up,…

Reading Terry Pratchett


I have read my fair share of Pratchett but it took a brace of articles by libertarians Marc Sidwell and Scott Shackford for me to realise that much of the Discworld – especially Ankh Morpork – was a story about a fictional Hayekian order, or rather the struggles to acquire and keep one. I find…

Free men…

Terry-Pratchett-Robin Zebrowski-sml

“Pulling together is the aim of despotism and tyranny. Free men pull in all kinds of directions … It’s the only way to make progress.” – The Truth Terry Pratchett RIP

12 libertarian policy statements


I find myself thinking, once again, in terms of leaflets. In particular I had an idea to produce a postcard with policy statements on the writable side. Check boxes might invite the owner to tick the boxes they agree with and share and compare what they ticked with other people. On the glossy side? Something eye…

Tax realists maintain brand appeal

© Carl Malamud

An advertising agency has surveyed 1500 Britains asking them about their most loved brands. I highlighted the tax avoiders in Green. I have not checked if they are up or down compared to previous surveys; the mismatch between how they are talked about in the media and the poll result is what interests me. Despite all the…