Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to harshly logical Objectivism. Find him on Google+

Brian Micklethwait on Childrens’ Rights


I found (unearthed?) this video while searching for images of Thursday’s speaker, Brian Micklethwait. What do you think? A bit more on Brian. Brian is insanely well-known around Libertarian circles. Everyone knows he was involved in the Libertarian Alliance during it’s hey day and is responsible for all those LA leaflets and tactical notes that…

Video: Travelling on Russian Borders


When Michael Jennings as born the world was neatly divided into US led and NATO allied West and a Russian dominated East, behind the Iron Curtain. The separation was obvious and physical – barbed wire was involved – and had consequences – acts as simple as fetching groceries worked very differently on either side. Now,…

One of our own has passed on


It makes me incredibly sad that a young, bright and aspiring libertarian has passed away. The last time we spoke, I mentioned the possibility of her reading some of her fiction at a Libertarian Home meetup. It seemed there was all the time in the world to organise that. Now, the time has gone. Christina…

The “A-kasse” system: voluntary welfare in Denmark


The Guardian has a strange story looking at the number of Britons claiming unemployment abroad (looking at the bar chart, far fewer than the number of EU migrants claiming here, not that the story tells you that in words). Tacked onto the end of the piece is a section on the Danish system which eliminates all the scope…

Report details per head NHS spending

Euro on note

A new report by the Public Accounts Committee examined total funding for a area and calculated the amount invested per head based on GP lists. The Telegraph badly misquotes the report but the essence of it is that given a par value of £1400 per head: The committee had found “huge variations” in funding with…