Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to the benevolent logic of Objectivism. Find him on Google+

Gremlins in the comments


We’re experiencing teething issues with a new “CDN” deployment which has caused issues with comments. The basic function of a CDN is to trade freshness for raw speed, with appropriate rules in place to ensure your experience is better overall. Something is not working as intended and it will take a few days, most likely,…

Thursday Speaker: Gareth Corfield


Gareth Corfield is widely known as a sub-editor for The Register, a popular technology “tabloid” website. Amongst firearms enthusiasts will be known as trustee of the London and Middlesex Rifle Association, a sporting charity. He is, however, also a blogger and will representing himself as such when he speaks on Thursday 4th February on the UK’s gun…

Beckenham maintains its tribute


As the news agenda begins to move on, the tributes in David Bowie’s hometown of Beckenham are still being maintained. At dusk candles burned at the Three Tuns, now a Zizzi’s restaurant, and at the bandstand where a free concert propelled Bowie to fame. This author stopped to record the scene.                  

How can I do in 2016 what I did not do in 2015?


There are plenty of roundups up the year and previews of next year floating around at the moment. Any brand which desires your long-term engagement (and they all do) is making sure to tell you what they did for you in 2015 and to make promises for 2016. I am not big on promises, but we…

Syed’s Prescription Won’t Fix His Kinetic Problem


Syed Kamall, a leading MEP and a recent visitor to this parish, has written an article for Venture Beat. The basic thrust is, amongst other things, that there are not enough programmers. He gives examples of private sector solutions which read as evidence there is a problem, then suggests visa liberalisation. The article is stuffed with words…

Representing Members

CotCoLC audience

Libertarian Home seeks to help Libertarians get stuff done. It allows people to float policy ideas, discuss strategy, hold our institutions and our elite to account, meet and get to know each other, rehearse arguments and have fun. These are the things that help a movement grow. Does it also seek to represent libertarians? That…

How Corbyn is Winning


Shlomo Maistre at Samizdata: What we are witnessing in the United Kingdom’s Labour Party is one of the main ways in which the Overton Window is shifted leftwards, as it has been doing for centuries in the Western world. According to Overton’s description, his window includes a range of policies considered politically acceptable in the…

The Freedom to Freelance


Sir – Osborne ought to drop guidance which effectively bans flexible working practices by limiting them to one month duration. We believe individuals have a right to decide their own working practices according to economic realities. The Social Contract (which we never signed) was expanded to include all manner of privileges and obligations without our…

What Libertarians are saying about Paris


There is no uniform libertarian view in anything and I do not expect our collective reaction to the terror attacks in Paris to be any more uniform. Here is a flavour: Samuel Hooper starts his analysis with this: The surveillance state did not prevent Madrid, the 7/7 London bombings, Ottawa, Charlie Hebdo or the 13…

A tasteful response to terror


I was impressed by this tasteful response to the Paris terror attacks of last night.  For those that do  not know what the plus ands minus are, they are motifs from Frank’s latest cover art. The name of that album is “positive songs for negative people” it is an album of positive messages for those…