Simon Gibbs

Simon is a London based IT contractor and the proprietor of Libertarian Home. Working with logic and cause-and-effect each day he was naturally attracted to nerdy libertarianism and later to the benevolent logic of Objectivism. Find him on Google+

The Freedom to Freelance


Sir – Osborne ought to drop guidance which effectively bans flexible working practices by limiting them to one month duration. We believe individuals have a right to decide their own working practices according to economic realities. The Social Contract (which we never signed) was expanded to include all manner of privileges and obligations without our…

What Libertarians are saying about Paris


There is no uniform libertarian view in anything and I do not expect our collective reaction to the terror attacks in Paris to be any more uniform. Here is a flavour: Samuel Hooper starts his analysis with this: The surveillance state did not prevent Madrid, the 7/7 London bombings, Ottawa, Charlie Hebdo or the 13…

A tasteful response to terror


I was impressed by this tasteful response to the Paris terror attacks of last night.  For those that do  not know what the plus ands minus are, they are motifs from Frank’s latest cover art. The name of that album is “positive songs for negative people” it is an album of positive messages for those…

Thursday Speaker: Old Holborn


Old Holborn is the name given to a brand of tobacco, a substance I cannot talk about in case that is seen as advertising, which would be illegal on health grounds. Instead, let’s talk about Old Holborn the man. Appropriately, they (that is, Twitter) have tried to ban him too. More times than I am…

Help needed North of the border


John Watson of the Scottish Libertarians drops by to tell us of a Council by election on November 5th in which his party is entering a candidate for the third time in a four month period. John is the former LPUK treasurer who, in the period after his election, was denied oversight of the books…

New leader of LPUK must grab control


The LPUK has announced a new leader effective 3rd October. The party register still lists the old guard of Andrew Withers, Nic Coome and Liam Hillman as in control of the entity for at least electoral purposes. This will presumably take a little time to update but must be an urgent priority. During his stubborn…

Thursday Speaker: Nick Cowen

Nick Cowen (Linked In)

Nick Cowen is a short sharp academic with a shocking message for mainstream cultural conservatives: some people are kinky, get over it. Nick campaigns on issues such as the criminalisation of “sexting” (sending explicit images of yourself) by children, the criminalisation of extreme pornography, and studies the factors influencing violent crime, including London’s summer riots. His…

A group of fascists walk into a bar


A jovial band of jolly political activists walk into a bar, they are each united by their love of policies that seek to take control over the lives of others, their tolerance or support for pervasive surveillance, for controls on speech, by their support for a party that endorsed an illegal war, and their fondness…

Doctors threaten to flee NHS


Hundreds of NHS doctors have swarmed upon Westminster to demonstrate the seriousness of problems that could see them fleeing the NHS for jobs in Australia and New Zealand. Apparently oblivious to the damage such a statement causes to the dependable reputation of the NHS they proclaimed that they represented “most doctors” and they described the…

Long live the Queen?


We were live at the scene when a flotilla of regal boats created no “fuss” as they paraded along the Thames. Crowds of surprised onlookers gathered on the Millennium Bridge and on Bankside.         Expensive? I expect so. Legit? You tell me.