James Snell

James is a self-described iconoclast who enjoys books, music and vindication. He is contributing editor for The Libertarian and has written for Trending Central, The Backbencher, Politiker and the Huffington Post.

Against Edward Snowden

In Mr. Snowden, we see a man who has – in a move allegedly about promoting liberty for all – shacked up with a brutal, murderous autocrat. While President Putin of Russia continues to battle for religiously-sanctioned gay-bashing, Snowden hangs on to his virtual coat tails.

A Defence of War

Much debate has gone on among people who self-identify as libertarians about the correct response to the horror in Syria. I made my position clear, and have done so for a while, that military intervention – if properly deployed and policed – would be a far better alternative than gutless international censure or inaction. Despite…