Steven Stewart

I have always been a libertarian, but only recently discovered libertarianism. My thoughts and ideas have always fitted along the same philosophical perspective of what some would call libertarian, though I lean a bit more to the left on certain issues. You can also find my on Google+. I am an open-minded individual, and I hope that comes across in a lot of my writings, wherever you may see them. I hope you enjoy what you read.

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Whenever I hear about another news story where someone has been arrested for being “grossly offensive” on social media, I become worried not because there are people who make sick jokes, but because so many people seem to support the reactions of the authorities. A mark of a true democracy is the freedom to say…

Who are the Invisible Children?

Most who are on some form of social network will have likely seen the “KONY 2012” video by now, and will be aware of their campaign to raise awareness of a terrible war criminal known as Joseph Kony. A man who is responsible for rape, murder, torture and the use of children as soldiers in…

Despite the troubles, LPUK will always have my support

I have only recently joined the Libertarian Party, so I am not entirely involved in the history which has led to some accusations being made against its leader, Andrew Withers. I only know one side of the story, and that is the side which has made such accusations which I do not wish to dwell…

The Challenges of the Abortion Debate


I am of the view that perhaps the greatest challenge a libertarian will face in defining their politics is when faced with the argument on abortion. A debate that has raged on for literally decades, it is perhaps one of the more troubling subjects with which some libertarians will struggle to get to grips. For…

Is Libertarianism Compatible With a Welfare State?

Friedrich Hayek portrait

The short answer to this question is “No”. The long answer to this question – in summary – is “it depends”. It depends on the circumstances in which a welfare state exists, the aims of the welfare state and the success in achieving those aims. Most who are familiar with libertarianism will likely be aware…

Three essentials for liberty

The United States of America is going through a huge change at the moment. The Republican presidential primaries are in full swing, displaying a growing rift in the GOP. One side is supporting the status quo of growing government and military bullying overseas, while spouting meaningless rhetoric on spending cuts. The other side is lead…

A Libertarian Immigration Policy


Independent minded Steven Stewart joins Libertarian Home to share his policy on immigration and demonstrates the diversity of opinion in the movement. Typically Steven doesn’t let the charisma of popular leaders divert him from his own views. Welcome on board Steven.