Tim Carpenter

Tim Carpenter is former Policy Director for the UK Libertarian Party and was designated party leader by the NCC. He works in IT in risk control projects for the Finance industry.

The Town Clerk of Britain


Should Britain decide to remain in the European Union on 23rd June, 2016, that clicking sound you hear behind you will be the door shutting on sovereignty. The changes in voting mechanisms, the removal of the veto in so many areas, the primacy of the European Court has gradually emasculated the UK Parliament. Yet more…

An option for Greece


There is a succinct piece on explaining that Greece has 5, not 2 options before it. I want to put forward a sixth. Before I do that, a summary of the other 5: 1. Greece stays in the Eurozone 2. Greece keeps the euro, but stays outside the eurozone – “The Montenegro Option” 3. A…

Don’t ignore the benefits elephant

Sisters Elephant

We have recently see a demand for a “benefits charge card”, one which would replace cash and control the items a benefits recipient is “allowed” to purchase. This may seem seductive to some people and for very different, often almost diametrically opposed, reasons. Some may object to misuse of monies that were taken by force…