Libertarian candidates, across all the parties and all levels of Government.

Paul Tew to run on UKIP ticket


When I came back to the table Paul had opened his laptop and pulled out his written notes – a couple of pages of printed A4. The laptop screen showed a multi-tabbed spreadsheet and I could see 155 rows. As he set out the agenda for the meeting I was glad I had brought my…

ILN standing up for Uttoxeter


I was slow to pick up on this one, but Uttoxeter Town and Uttoxeter Rural divisions are set to be the first election test for Gavin Webb and his partner Melanie Wilson. Previously, Gavin appeared to vaciliate between the idea of standing for a national election, and sticking to his long-held preference for local activism.…

ILN keen to find Libertarian by-election candidate


It feels like like buses but here they are: news of two upcoming by-elections in one day (okay you heard that intro before, sorry). First, re: Portsmouth South, thanks to Guido we find their MP in a spot of bother over some small matter of being a pest to a vulnerable girl, allegedly. The matter…

Richard Lowe leaves UKIP


Richard Lowe, UKIP PPC for Chester has fallen foul of this local party. Via Facebook: Reasons for me no longer being a UKIP PPC/Member: Local branch had issues with: 1) Leaving the EU wasn’t my reason for being in UKIP. 2) Whilst I like open borders, I was never campaigning for them as a PPC,…

Young People’s Party to stand in Corby


There are so many parties at this time of year that one finds it difficult to choose, and I’m not talking about Christmas. There seems to be too many libertarian political parties to even count them properly. John Watson gave it a go recently: Actually here is the full list…. pro liberty (to be registered)…


There is much that David Cameron could learn from Boris’ brand of conservatism, which is much closer to classical liberalism than the coalition’s lame attempts.

Allister Heath

Don’t forget to vote?

So… there is some sort of election on today. If I manage to lever myself out of bed in time I might even make it the 400 yards necessary to cast my ballot. I can’t help but be appalled at my own complete lack of interest in this particular poll. So, who to vote for?…

UKIP needs a candidate in Leeds

UKIP is appealing on Twitter for a candidate to step forward as a councillor for the Pudsey ward in Leeds. I wonder if there are any Libertarians willing to stand? UKIP is the closest thing we have to a supportable libertarian party in the UK, and  a débutante libertarian can only help move UKIP toward…