Event Videos

Videos of Libertarian Home events.

Video: The Non-Aggression Principle and Children


This was an interesting event. I had feared before hand that it would be a long lecture about smacking that would bore the audience, who would all agree that smacking is wrong. In fact it was a short but interesting lecture about smacking, but the audience were really very divided. Jan argued that while the…

Audio: The Moral Case for Capitalism with Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook LSE Talk

Yesterday was a productive day for Libertarian Home topped off nicely with an evening lecture at the LSE by Dr Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute (hashtag #LSEcapitalism). As regular readers will know, I regard myself as an Objectivist (though some more dogmatic Objectivists would want to disown me) so this was quite special…

Reasons to look forward to Anton’s video

Brian Micklethwait

While I get through the back log of video edits and write ups here is a short little thing featuring Brian Micklethwait. Brian explains why he enjoyed Anton’s talk, which had as much to do with the process of doing libertarianism as it did the content, oh but the content is really quite formiddable too.…

Video: Sax and Violence : why does tax get a free ride?


This is the first Libertarian Home talk that I have felt compelled to prefix with a health warning. The libertarian movement has an unjustified reputation for being a) cold-hearted and uncaring b) predominantly male and occasionally c) juvenile. I recall Jack of Kent for example defining a libertarian as a liberal who has not left…

Video: Steve Davies’ History of Individualism

Stephen Davies speaking

The civil war undermines and blasts apart political and spiritual authority, and a radical movement develops. By 1646 Richard Overton is imprisoned at Newgate from where he fires his Arrow Against All Tyrants, effectively a libertarian pamphlet. Notably it is a property rights respecting right-wing form of individualism.

Video: Hacking at Hierarchy

Adriana Lukas

Adriana’s talk offered less in the way of practical solutions than I might have liked and less perhaps than the write-up promised, but this did not diminish a fascinating talk by someone clearly absorbed in her topic. The following write up is based, in order of importance, on her notes which were quite thorough and…

Video: The life and works of Garet Garrett


Garet Garrett (1878-1954) is a case study in forgotten genius. His work offers a sparkling vision of peace under free markets. Garrett saw peace and freedom as the essential precondition for the real drama of human life that revolves around creation, association, risk, love, courage and the full range of human experiences that transform society…

Video: Dominique Lazanski: Fighting for Digital Freedom

Dominique Lazanski

I asked Dominique to speak on how she is fighting for digital freedom at the detailed end of the Micklethwait scale, what’s involved in doing it, how is it paid for and how can we help? We learned how she got into the business of Westminster, how she manages to get paid for doing good…

Video: Libertarianism is not simple to argue for


After a record short wait, the latest video from the Rose and Crown meetup is online. I would like to claim that my effectiveness at video editing has greatly improved, or that the talk required less encoding time than other talks or less editing, but the real reason was that I did it while off…

Video: Free Will Determinism and Politics


Mark Gullick joined us at the Rose and Crown to introduce the audience to the concepts of free will and determinism, to highlight schools of thought in which they have become dominant and implore us to fight for the “standard bearer” of free will: free speech As you will see in the video below, Mark…