Your NHS GP is a Libertarian, but doesn’t know it

© Dalius Baranauskas

‘Getting to see you is like trying to get tickets to see a rockstar’ a retired lady observed yesterday in clinic. This was probably the most polite expression of a patient’s frustrations around access to a GP that I’ve heard in my career, and it summed up the plight of UK general practice perfectly. You…

The death of the middle-class dream

Library Image © Mark Evans

To those who find it hard to make ends meet, I’m sure my middle-class worries are insultingly trivial. You’re having a hard time sending your kids to private school? Well, boo hoo. Cry me a river. But it’s all relative. To a Mauritanian peasant, the average British welfare claimant is as rich as Midas, and…

Video: The Influence of Germanic Thinking


Last Thursday, Paul Marks traced the history of the welfare state – as provider of education, health and unemployment insurance – through centuries from its origins in Germany down, ultimately, to Barrack Hussein Obama, the incumbent President of the United States. First Paul posed the question: why would the editor of the Telegraph, at a…

Video: What makes libertarians tick? with Aiden Gregg


Here now is Aiden’s introduction to the psychology of libertarians and the general causal theories that explain political prejudices. This is a powerful tool for us. Veteran libertarian activist Brian Micklethwait neatly explains why in his quick review of the talk on Samizdata: The main thing to learn from such work as Haidt’s is [...]…

Video: Anton Howes on The Causes of The Industrial Revolution

Anton Howes Rose and Crown

Summary This summary was, as ever, prepared by Simon based only upon the video. Anton set about the task of explaining a 1500% increase in wealth from 1730-1820, excluding life style improvements derived from technological improvements in the quality of goods e.g. the lumen hours of light bulbs vs candles has risen as well. A…

Could Direct Care shame the NHS into reform?


Direct Care or “Concierge Medicine” is a reformed way to pay for health care that is gaining in popularity in the United States, there is even a SitCom about a Direct Care practitioner in the wealthy Hamptons but this is not only for royalty. This model has the potential to create a new health-care sector…

Audio: The Moral Case for Capitalism with Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook LSE Talk

Yesterday was a productive day for Libertarian Home topped off nicely with an evening lecture at the LSE by Dr Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute (hashtag #LSEcapitalism). As regular readers will know, I regard myself as an Objectivist (though some more dogmatic Objectivists would want to disown me) so this was quite special…

Theresa May approved and defends abuse of laws

David Miranda on BBC

Theresa May, in her capacity as a senior MP and minister is responsible, with 649 others, for setting out the law which which governs this country and for seeing it is governed in the manner they set down. It is her job to decide to how the country is run. As Richard Carey said yesterday,…

Video: Steve Davies’ History of Individualism

Stephen Davies speaking

The civil war undermines and blasts apart political and spiritual authority, and a radical movement develops. By 1646 Richard Overton is imprisoned at Newgate from where he fires his Arrow Against All Tyrants, effectively a libertarian pamphlet. Notably it is a property rights respecting right-wing form of individualism.

Video: Hacking at Hierarchy

Adriana Lukas

Adriana’s talk offered less in the way of practical solutions than I might have liked and less perhaps than the write-up promised, but this did not diminish a fascinating talk by someone clearly absorbed in her topic. The following write up is based, in order of importance, on her notes which were quite thorough and…