An isolated building by Rocco

© Cardiff Council

No one knows how long the building has stood in that spot. Decades? Centuries? Millennia even? Not that it matters anymore. Through telescope or high-powered binocular lens, one can write one’s own history of the ruin; any one story as good as any other, and all as bleak as the depths of some forgotten cave.…

The Common, the Wizard and the Blockchain by Zach Cope

© Peter Craine

‘A tragedy, that’s what it is John,’ Bill moaned into his pint. ‘You upset about the Common again?’ John replied. ‘Can’t you just get used to it? So it floods for half the year, and our sheep don’t grow so fat, and the kids keep getting trench foot, but at least it’s ours again –…

Compulsory Purchase Order plot on Eastenders


Trust the BBC to skip over a massive plot opportuntiy that simply doesn’t activate their own particular predjudices. In a recent episode an undertaker talks to a friend about his efforts to overcome the personal impact of a CPO. Despite the fact his undertaker’s premises are subject to a compulsory purchase order, Les [is] cheerful…

Rosie by Jay Begrims


A hovercar buzzed by outside. Steve glanced at the window, blinked twice, and the windows went into one-way blackout mode. He still wrestled with his decision not to leave the window in this mode permanently – but he was old-fashioned at heart and felt that if he could see out, other people should be able…

Liberty League 2014 gallery

Libertarian Home people in the pub at Liberty League 2014

Here are the best of my photos from Liberty League’s Freedom Forum 2014. You can discuss any individual image on Flickr by clicking through. To share your impressions of #LLFF14 leave a comment below.

Writing competition and some bad news


This blog has benefited greatly from the warm welcome offered by Anna Quick at the Rose and Crown. The pub is effectively “the local” for anyone of a libertarian disposition regardless of where they live. We meet, we drink, we argue, we learn, we form friendships and even form romances within the walls of that…

If the slipper fits, privatise it

© Dylan Walters

The so-called Cinderella law has caused liberals a great deal of concern, and rightly so. Under this new law (and there can never be too many laws) you might spend ten years in prison for not loving your children enough. The problems with such a law are well-known and well-rehearsed: How do you quantify ‘love’?…

A market based answer to the Care.Data medical records fiasco

Big data has always been important in health care research. John Snow famously used epidemiological data to identify the source of the Soho Cholera outbreak in 1854. Aggregated case reports are used to classify disease and improve our collective understanding of illness so that we can treat it. I myself spent happy hours as an…

Amazing quote from @y_alibhai


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a senior journalist for the Independent and Evening Standard, saying what she thinks about Nigel Farage to an obviously sympathetic (to Nigel) journalist in a formal filmed interview: “what has to happen between now and the elections that are coming up is that the media has to be kind of controlled in terms…