Passing thoughts on the Human Rights Act

NPG D28980; John Lilburne after Unknown artist

Considering the traditional protections against the state that the individual has enjoyed in this country, I would mention off the top of my head; the right to a jury trial; the presumption of innocence; habeas corpus; the right to remain silent; the protection against double jeopardy; the right to self-defence. I ask you; which of…

“You say tomato…”: A note on regulation vs censorship


There’s been a lot of fuss about Theresa May wanting to move OfCom into “the role of a censor”. Which is odd because, to the extent that it is effective, OfCom already occupies “the role of a censor”. OfCom issues guidance on what may not be shown to content-consumers; those who overstep the mark are…

Blank out of the day


“Ted Cruz is now on speaking on the floor. He is the third Republican to participate and the first 2016 presidential candidate to speak today” The Guardian Live blog update, about 10 hours into Rand Paul‘s partial Patriot Act filibuster .

The unfairness of the election result


There is a widely shared belief that the result of the general election was unfair, the clearest example of this unfairness being the contrasting fortunes of the UK Independence Party and the Scottish National Party. UKIP with their almost 4 million votes ended up with just one MP, while the SNP got around half that…

An Open Letter to Kevin McCloud: Go to Nepal


Dear Kevin Yesterday Nepal was hit by the second magnitude 7 earthquake in a month. Buildings and livelihoods have been destroyed, lives have been lost under debris. I know your background is in lighting and theatre, but if there is one thing we all know that you know a thing or two about, then that…

Libertarian Party Local Election Results


The newly tolerable Libertarian Party quietly announced a list of candidates some time ago on Facebook. I have been looking into what happened to their council candidates. In Crawley Adam Brown stood for Southgate ward. He finished last, but attracted 53 votes. Simon Walmsley stood for Horsehay and Lightmoor ward in Telford. That effort yielded…

UKIP useful, LibDems not so much


After leaving the election all-nighter at 11 I was struggling to pick up, from fragments of news, what the sentiment was that lead to the unexpected Tory victory. Was is the sleeping lion of English nationalism rising against the SNP? Was it the thought of a left-wing coalition’s profligate spending?   This BBC chart clarifies…

Andrew P Withers Resigns as Libertarian Party Leader


Andrew Withers long standing leader of the LPUK has resigned less than 24 hours before polls open for the General Election. To give credit where it is due, this is a sensible and inevitable step for Mr Withers and fantastic news for the liberty movement. With Mr Wither’s stepping aside there is room for the…

Liberty’s Locales


To accompany Jordan Lee’s fascinating findings on potential libertarian battlegrounds, I thought I would bring you this nicely sharable summary of the best and worst places to try your hand as a libertarian. Constituencies have been ranked based on the basis of the “Euclidean distance” between the constituency and a theoretically perfect libertarian profile giving equal…

The Libertarian Vote


There has been much talk about the upcoming election, it’s supposed to be ‘the most interesting’ in a very long time indeed. In light of all this excitement, it’s perhaps fitting that we in the Libertarian movement indulge in some psephological acrobatics ourselves, and thanks to polling organisations this is possible. I have attempted to…