The UK should not bomb Syria


I am not a pacifist and I do understand the case for bombing Syria is seemingly compelling. What I dispute is that we have any kind of coherent strategy or long term plan, that we have set out clear and achievable objectives, that we have made a proper, rational analysis of the possible outcomes and…

Good luck with that Tim, good luck with that


Tim Worstall over at the Adam Smith Institute blog, Good luck with that Jeremy, good luck with that: At which point we have this rather plaintive cry from Jeremy Warner (or perhaps the subeditor who wrote his headline), someone we usually rather agree with: If the state must meddle, it should do it better

What Libertarians are saying about Paris


There is no uniform libertarian view in anything and I do not expect our collective reaction to the terror attacks in Paris to be any more uniform. Here is a flavour: Samuel Hooper starts his analysis with this: The surveillance state did not prevent Madrid, the 7/7 London bombings, Ottawa, Charlie Hebdo or the 13…

A tasteful response to terror


I was impressed by this tasteful response to the Paris terror attacks of last night.  For those that do  not know what the plus ands minus are, they are motifs from Frank’s latest cover art. The name of that album is “positive songs for negative people” it is an album of positive messages for those…

Downton Abbey – Dreadfully Subversive!


As a suburban family man I do enjoy sitting down in front of my HD TV on an autumn Sunday evening to watch that exquisite example of English, class obsessed, period, property porn that is Downton Abbey. Thoughts of medicine, politics and economics are usually far from my mind during this time. However towards the…

This week I ‘ave been mostly being a market anarchist


Tim Worstall keeps tossing them up… Jeremy Warner manages to get close to what we think is the correct answer [about new airport runways for the South East] : This is simply to approve new airport capacity at both Heathrow and Gatwick, and possibly Stansted as well, and let the markets decide which to back.…

My latest milestone for the RNLI


After 465 days of walking the coast of England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland… WE’VE RAISED OVER £10,000 FOR RNLI LIFEBOATS! WHERE HAVE I WALKED SO FAR? I left Kent on 3rd August 2014 and walked West along the South coast of England all the way to Cornwall. Then…

Should Libertarian doctors strike?


Intimidation, damage to property, civil disobedience and scared children – I am pleased to say none of these things were present when I attended the junior doctors’ march in London on 17th October, in support of my junior doctor wife and colleagues. This was the first public political protest I have attended and I left…

Patricians, Paternalism, Free Riders and The Guillotine


Tim Worstall at the Adam Smith Institute blog is not at all keen on Polly Toynbee’s “very patrician idea” that the government is there to provide “entertainments” and “diversions”. “And what really grates is that at least the Romans insisted that it was the patricians that paid for the bread and circuses, Polly’s insistent that…