LPUK.org is dead

Ken Ferguson explains, over at Outspoken Rabbit: Withers … tried to have the party de-registered with the Electoral Commission. Having failed in this, he turned his attention to the website, not targeting those members brave enough to publicly call him out for what he had done, but threatening the person in whose name the domain…

Murdoch the Indefensible?

There is something troubling about the way this saga has been covered that stretches even to the libertarian blogosphere. Murdoch’s bid to buy BSkyB was a perfectly non-aggressive transaction, yet it was blocked. An application for permission he should not have needed was “deferred” and then abandoned due the pressure of the mob on the State to exercise it’s discretion over a private sale. I wonder if I am alone in noticing that this was wrong; that the State should never have had that discretion in the first place?


The locals of Stony Stratford … have made their views perfectly clear for councillors prior to the vote. To a man and woman they angrily insisted that Bartlett should butt out.

Dick Puddlecote

NCC agrees SGM agenda outline

I have been passed the following message for publication: Dear member, I hope you forgive me for contacting you all again in this manner, but am writing to you today to let you know that I, as promised, did call an NCC meeting. This meeting had the sole purpose to vote for announcing and then…

Discussion point: Icons of British liberty

I maintain that liberty is a British idea. My own favoured brand of libertarian philosophy – Objectivism – was made in America, by a Russian, but it grew from and explicitly endorses the thinking of the American revolution, the notion of individual rights that come from our enlightenment era. British values are objectivist values, or…

Smoking liberty protest

Dick Puddlecote, Dave Atherton, and others are gathering at The Vaults pub in Stony Stratford to protest against a ban on smoking to be applied to the whole town. This ridiculously authoritarian and frankly horrible idea was put forward by somewhat unpleasant local Councillor Paul Bartlett and is passionately opposed by locals and well as…