Civil society advisors reject OECD proposal to make ISPs police net

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has rejected a draft report by the OECD, concerned that it’s approach incentivised “Internet intermediaries to delete or block contested content, and lead to network filtering, which would harm online expression.”. They are concerned “users’ access could be terminated based solely on repeated allegations of [copyright] infringement”.

Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes

On 13 July 2011 the IEA is holding a panel discussion to launch it’s plan for comprehensive spending and tax reform – Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes: Big Steps to a Smaller State.

Discussion point: Abortion

Last week while at the IEA I somehow wandering into a conversation on abortion and ended up chatting to a a pro-life Christian Libertarian. He asserted confidently that his position (that abortion should be illegal) was the only one consistent with the key ‘do no harm to others’ principle, and that if we are to…

Quote of the Week

More government means less community. The horizontal ties, which bind people to each other, have slowly been replaced with vertical ties, which seek to bind individuals to the state. Society is weakened by this, because the government does a very bad job. And high taxes undermine philanthropic intention, and community action. The sheet vanity of…

Breaking up the Party

Just as we cannot paper over the cracks and deny we have differences, we should not reject the values we have to offer one another over differences which do not relate to our purpose. The key, in my view is remaining focused on that purpose while choosing how to organise ourselves. We shouldn’t impose upon or reject one another if it does not support our goals.

The Fear of Freedom

Having libertarian views and living according to libertarian principles are two quite different things. The first is relatively easy, the second, much less so. There are many people who object to others exercising power over them and interfering with how they wish to live their lives, but it is much more difficult to allow others freedom and to refuse to take power over them. Yet, in my view, the latter is as necessary as the former for a libertarian.