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Non-violent extremists for liberty


Hey, have you heard of the internet? Our prime minister and his secretary, Theresa, sure have, and they’re keen to crack down on and get tough with the non-violent extremists on there who are opposed to democracy. Whether or not this is good policy, one thing is certain: in an ideal world this would mean…

Syrian Chemical Attack: Diabolus Ex Machina


Just when everyone’s attention had moved over to Egypt, and coinciding with the presence of UN investigators, come reports of a massive chemical attack in Damascus. Foreign Secretary William Hague immediately denounces the Assad regime in his most florid terms, crossing his fingers that he may yet get the chance to play armchair general, the…

David Miranda and the Terror State


The true nature of the British state is revealed in its treatment of David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glen Greenwald, who was held hostage at Heathrow Airport, whilst in transit from Berlin to his home in Brazil. As is the usual procedure, the ‘authorities’ used draconian anti-terrorist legislation, even a cursory reading of…

Politics of Jeff Bezos

© Tyler Merbler

When I heard that Jeff Bezos had purchased the Washington post I, like many, thought “hang on, isn’t he one if those libertarian techy types?”, so on Tuesday I posted, to the effect that indeed he might be, and earned myself the a place in the esteemed “Samizdata Quote of The Day” series. It seems…

What to do with the railways

Clapham Junction over crowding

The government needs to loosen its regulatory stance on the railway industry and let the private sector take command of both infrastructure and services, which in turn will create investment, encourage innovation and ease pressure on the public purse.

Video: Bob Layson on the Management of The Economy

Bob Layson

Do economies actually exist or are there merely patterns of trade between consenting, economising, producers? It is undeniable that countries and governments and the people subject to them, exist. Various prods and pats given by governments (tariffs, bounties, taxes, subsidies, prescriptions and prohibitions, issuance of state money) certainly exist too, and are described as being…

An argument lost

Letter from Sir Charles Macara

I found this 1913 article about Sir Charles Macara serendipitously when looking for the nearby article about the “suicide” of Emily Davison via Samizdata. It was on the same page of the original Times paper. We know that the “employers” lost the initial argument over National Insurance and organised themselves after the event to fight…