Key Posts

Let’s talk strategy

Things have been going well for Libertarian Home lately, off the shoulders of Andy Janes’ rabble rousing, but although all this attention is flattering, but it means nothing unless it turns into action. I’d like to try and make that happen.

Stand up for yourself. What’s stopping you?

The ongoing controversy with LPUK has raised the question of what else we could be doing to move forward towards election victory? There is always the option to engage with the libertarian wing of the Conservatives or Liberal Democrat parties. The number of keen libertarians I met at the recent Adam Smith Institute drinks hints…

Party reform round up

The first short-term goal of Libertarian Home was, and for the time being remains, to facilitate discussion of a specific set of proposals put forward by Max Andronichuk and Gavin Webb and Party re-organisation in general. Time has moved along and those articles are falling slowing off of the front page and down into obscurity.…