We may be opposed to the bulk of it, but legislation happens. By keeping an eye on it we can curb it’s worst excesses and show policy makers practical libertarian alternatives.

The European Arrest Warrant: a useful tool (for a tyrant)


The erosion of liberty continues apace. Watching it happen over time is like observing the crumbling white cliffs growing ever weaker as the waves crash into them. It is generally a gradual, continuous process but eventually comes the moment when a great chunk crumbles into the sea and is washed utterly away. Today is such…

Police want in to congestion cameras


Apparently unsatisfied with the millions of “reads” they get from number plates already, the police would like access to similar ANPR equipment used by TFL to enforce the congestion charge and low emissions zones. These systems record the times and places your car visits, whether or not you are under suspicion. Here is the email…

How your MP voted on the Gagging Law

gagging law

38 degrees have published a handy list of MPs and how they voted for key ammendments My own MP Jim Dowd of the authoritarian Labour Party did okay. Did my letters work? Meanwhile, the Backbencher has more information about the problems and politics around the Act, it includes a little good news and a few…

George Monbiot onto something?


Given Monbiot’s attitude to the truth these laws are equally likely to do the precise opposite of everything he says, but assuming he’s relayed the facts accurately this recent article does us a service: These laws will be used to stamp out plurality and difference, to douse the exuberance of youth, to pursue children for…

DCMS runs invite only Leveson consultation with 1 blogger

Free Speech = Reason = Progess

Off to DCMS to discuss bloggers, small groups and Leveson. I would tweet a link but it appears to be an invite-only consultation. — Nick Pickles (@nickpickles) April 11, 2013 @mjrobbins more broad – only 1 blogger there — Nick Pickles (@nickpickles) April 11, 2013 This blog had heard about the meeting in advance and…

Press Regulation: another nail in liberty’s coffin


Whatever face-saving spin Cameron wishes to put on the new press regulation body, it is a day of shame for this once proudly free country. As with the secret trials legislation this government is working on, we can see the continuity of agenda between the coalition and the New Labour sans culottes who roamed over…