Libertarian Party Project

This area of the website is here to facilitate efforts to start a new libertarian party in the UK to meet the needs of people who do not feel comfortable joining any of the current parties.

The items below summarise particular areas of concern for such a party and provide a simple forum to discuss solutions. Libertarian Home authors will add items to help ensure energies are focused according to the needs of the people most directly involved

LPUK Conference 2018

It is a freezing cold January afternoon. The setting is a brightly lit subterranean hall, the ridiculously baroque design of the room makes the place look like an upmarket nightclub. But people are not here to dance they are here to the UK Libertarian Party Conference. The LPUK has had an unexpected burst of energy in…

Independent Libertarian Network founded

Gavin Webb writes: This is just a quick email to keep you informed of progress of my plans to register a new political party. Well, it has finally happened – England, Scotland and Wales have a new libertarian party called the Independent Libertarian Network. I’ll be in touch very soon with more information, but in…

The advantages of regional parties

Stuart Heal has caused a stir with his debut contribution concerning the design of a potential new party. Lucian writes: Why start with a national party? […] I’m not interested in funding a group of five people who want to sit around doing basically nothing except “approving” my local candidate and trying to control my…

Designing a New Libertarian Party

As far as I know, there have been two explicitly Libertarian parties formed in the UK in recent history. The first one was the Independent Libertarian Party, formed by Antoine Clarke and Paul Marks in 1998, and since disbanded. I know very little about the history of this organisation, and nothing about why it no…

The Name

Please feel free to pitch your ideas on a name for the organisation here. Ideally please provide a small description of your reasoning about ideas proposed. The name isn’t just a title, it’s a key part of the “brand” of the organisation… so whilst it may appear to be a small detail, it is quite…

Approach to Market

Are we simply going to provide a way for a candidate to stand with an ideological label on the ballot, or is the demand for a party a desire for something bigger and more organised that will speak on behalf of it’s members?

Are we ready to discuss policy?

A detailed debate now about policies could be very distracting. Potential members will of course want to design a party to suit the changes they want it to make in the country, but are we better off focusing on the organisational design before discussing policy? Are there policy positions that might influence party design?