Libertarian candidates, across all the parties and all levels of Government.

Young People’s Party to stand in Corby

There are so many parties at this time of year that one finds it difficult to choose, and I’m not talking about Christmas. There seems to be too many libertarian political parties to even count them properly. John Watson gave it a go recently: Actually here is the full list…. pro liberty (to be registered)…


There is much that David Cameron could learn from Boris’ brand of conservatism, which is much closer to classical liberalism than the coalition’s lame attempts.

Allister Heath

Don’t forget to vote?

So… there is some sort of election on today. If I manage to lever myself out of bed in time I might even make it the 400 yards necessary to cast my ballot. I can’t help but be appalled at my own complete lack of interest in this particular poll. So, who to vote for?…

UKIP needs a candidate in Leeds

UKIP is appealing on Twitter for a candidate to step forward as a councillor for the Pudsey ward in Leeds. I wonder if there are any Libertarians willing to stand? UKIP is the closest thing we have to a supportable libertarian party in the UK, and  a débutante libertarian can only help move UKIP toward…

Who is Gavin Webb?

With Gavin getting increasingly involved with the running of the Libertarian Party, standing in Uttoxeter, and in the mire of the Party’s unique challanges, I thought it was about time We heard a bit more about him.

One of the strangest aspects of the Libertarian Party as an activist is that individuals use all pseudonyms online and rarely get together in person, so it’s quite common for activists to know very little about each other, how they earn a living and what got them into politics in the first place.

Gavin Webb to stand for Uttoxeter Town Council

Gavin Webb, former Liberal Democrat and ex-Communications-Director for the UK Libertarian Party has announced he is standing for Uttoxeter Town council. He stands as “the candidate with libertarian principles”. Uttoxeter is a town of 13,039 in Staffordshire. The controversial poll,  allegedly called at the instigation of the Conservatives, takes place on Thursday, 7th July in…