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Richard Lowe leaves UKIP


Richard Lowe, UKIP PPC for Chester has fallen foul of this local party. Via Facebook: Reasons for me no longer being a UKIP PPC/Member: Local branch had issues with: 1) Leaving the EU wasn’t my reason for being in UKIP. 2) Whilst I like open borders, I was never campaigning for them as a PPC,…

UKIP’s Latest Blunder May Cost Them Dear


The ousting of Olly Neville as leader of Young Independence, the youth section of UKIP, and the reasons behind it, will no doubt come as a serious blow to the many libertarians within that party who had hoped that UKIP offered an opportunity to build a party with a strong libertarian message, even if the…

#OllyGate fails the Nigel Farage Test


Dear Nigel, It is well known that you have two tests for a person’s quality… 1. Would I employ them? 2. Would I have a drink with them? You use it quite effectively to berate and point out how useless, out of touch and incompetent our political class are. So it saddens me that I…

Olly Neville fired for policy fudge

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So off-message Olly got himself sacked for being off-message. I would normally applaud such a thing, but the self proclaimed Anarchist has missed an opportunity to further the cause of Anarchism. I am not an Anarchist and I haven’t delved into the literature about anarchic marriage, but I am planning to get married. It seems…

@Voluntarist says #UKIP more liberal than Alex Massie

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UKIP has become the third party of British politics according to Sky News and several polls and so Twitter is buzzing with discussion about whether they are libertarian enough for libertarians, or liberal enough for most voters. Before long, Alex Massie’s article of November was doing the rounds again on Facebook. His Spectator article points…