A Libertarian Party must have a libertarian manifesto. A document explaining what libertarians would do with their five years in power.

Immigration controls as a libertarian policy

Ellis Island © Sue Waters

Having voted UKIP for their constitutional policies, and largely ignoring the immigration issue that say Rob Waller found problematic I thought I should double back and take a closer look at their actual immigration policy. That policy is expressed on the Where we stand page in four bullet points, I’ll tackle three of them: •…

Happy To Be Selfish


According to the Left, the interests of the needy outweigh those of the greedy. That’s why they have no problem with the government confiscating money from the rich and giving it to the poor. The selfish desire to hoard cash, masquerading as property rights, is trumped by the need to alleviate the suffering of the…

How to make trouble over marriage

The Drewitt Barlows

Christina Annesley writes powerfully on the topic of marriage, gay marriage in particular, and I think she has hit on something important. First she skewers the idea that this is a simple matter and dismisses the usual libertarian line that religious groups e.g. the Church of England should be free to discriminate against homosexuals by…

The Wrong Solution

© Christian Guthier

There is no doubt, in my mind, that the announcement that a future Labour government would impose a freeze on energy prices is a political master stroke. Prices have risen dramatically over the last five years and are causing real people real pain. His policy will undoubtedly gain Labour votes by the barrow load. Of…

Education is the Responsibility of Civil Society

© Duncan Holmes

It does not take a Nobel Prize laureate in economics to observe that a country which borrows over a £100 billion a year to fund its budget deficit is going to sooner or later go bust. At the moment, the UK debt is equivalent to 90% of its GDP and it continues to grow. The…

What to do with the railways

Clapham Junction over crowding

The government needs to loosen its regulatory stance on the railway industry and let the private sector take command of both infrastructure and services, which in turn will create investment, encourage innovation and ease pressure on the public purse.

Decentralising welfare

© Helen Cobain

With welfare a hot issue, I thought it might be helpful to summarise my tactical ideas on this topic. Note that the focus of these ideas is on long term joblessness, although various other problems could be solved the same way. A reminder of what I was trying to achieve: Turning off the welfare taps…

Support for nudge as a transitory measure

Nudge cover

Liberty Scott, an objectivist libertarian that I am yet to have the pleasure of meeting, has written at the Backbencher about welfare reform and the Phillpotts. His idea for transitioning to a better system almost reads like a simpler restatement of my own: Convert national insurance into individual account based social insurance, with a choice…