Theory is one thing, but to build the free friendly and prosperous society we want we need to persuade everybody to leave everyone else alone. It sounds simple, but how do we persuade them to try it?

Too clever by half?


Do you know many people who are keen on murder? No? How about rape? Do you know many people that are big fans of rape? What about robbery? Assault? Fraud? Anything aggressive? No, me neither. So why aren’t libertarians in the majority? Maybe we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by presenting libertarianism as a theory.…

Politicians, Problems and Politics

© Graeme Maclean

Here’s a popular argument: Politicians nowadays are to a man non-entities, totally unable to capture the public’s imagination. To compensate for this they’re doing lots of trivial, silly things. Unfortunately this is only alienating voters further, and fewer and fewer are bothering to vote at all. What is needed – if our democracy is not…

Selling like bog paper

© Brandon Blinkenberg

Some things, like obscure political monologues, sell a few thousand copies to a reluctant audience. Other, more practical things sell like buggery because people actually want them and use them regularly, like soap or bogpaper. To make libertarianism sell like bogpaper, we need to find a problem that everyone wants solved, be the solution to…

Freedom and The Seven Deadly Sins


If you knew you had half an hour left to live, how would you live it? Would you obey a humiliating command and run naked to your death, as the Nazis commanded their victims do? Let’s get serious for a moment. Think about yourself. Your past. Your family. The choices you’ve made, your fate, your…

The UK as 100 Income Tax Payers


A design agency is hawking around this interesting infographic, visualising the demographics of the UK income tax in percentage terms. It’s really quite something that a mainstream PR company looking to place a tax-themed promotional infographic knows enough about libertarianism that it contacts a libertarian blog, libertarianism is obviously getting noticed. I would take them…

Free lunches

free lunch

Some of the folks on the left don’t realize is that ‘corporatism’, is only possible once you’ve injected government into the economy.

Get your MP to the Snowden debate

NSA whisteblower

This is my letter to Jim Dowd MP, which explains what’s going on and what I think about it better than anything I might post. I wrote it using the ORG write-to-them tool and template, but the reasoning is my own: At 1.30pm on Thursday 31st October MPs will debate “Oversight of the intelligence and…

Self-Righteous white kids and moral calculus

© frontierofficial in Ghana

David Hansen writes powerfully and honestly about his experiences helping at a children’s home in the Philippines and why he ended up feeling he had been self-righteous: I wanted people to see me as a righteous person more than I wanted to do charity work itself, and this greatly influenced my motivations for working abroad.…

Respect my Authoritah


It’s Friday and it’s come to my attention that some readers might not have seen much Southpark: Within: an overbearing and intolerable bigot with a head filled with their own importance proceeds to abuse the rights of citizens with imagined or at least highly suspect justification. Remind you of anyone?

The protest planning chess game


Last nights meeting was both productive and enjoyable. Productive in the sense that a clear decision was made about what to do next, albeit a decision to advance slowly; enjoyable because there was a good turnout of familiar faces with which to share a beer and chew over an issue in immense detail. There is…