Theory is one thing, but to build the free friendly and prosperous society we want we need to persuade everybody to leave everyone else alone. It sounds simple, but how do we persuade them to try it?

Marketable Ethical Libertarian Policy


This talk was delivered to the Young Britons for Liberty group on Monday November 21st   Marketable Ethical Libertarian Policy I am guessing there is a bit of variety in the reactions I am going to get here about the second word in that title, but most of you are probably thinking of that…

Trump Is Good News For The Establishment


A lot of commentators see Trump’s election as a victory against the establishment. I question that. Trump in my view is not very anti-establishment. This is just a mask he has put on to fool his supporters. But certainly a lot of the people who voted for him believe that they have just given the…

Trident Is An Expensive Instrument Of Terror


The individual liberty of human beings stands above everything else. It is the mantra of all enemies of liberty to deny this simple judgement. They will tell you that there are others things, that are greater than the individual. Therefore, in the name if this greater good, individual liberty can be sacrificed. Ideas of what this…

Visiting the Trigger 50 protest


A quick report on a minor bit of activism. We had been notified of the Spiked “Trigger 50” protest in favour of proceeding immediately with formal Brexit negotiations. Not content with simply offering up artwork for someone else’s protest I went along to ensure the presence of the “Liberty for All” message (really, in context, “Brexit for…

The EU is the Wrong Tool to Defeat Nationalism


I am very much an individualist. As such I have always despised nationalism. I am convinced that we need to overcome this ideology if we want to live in a free world. One could think now that, since I hate nationalism, I probably should like the EU. The core political agenda of the EU has…

We are not giving up


In all honesty, the shooting of Jo Cox has had a big impact on us. Having sat on the fence for a while we decided to represent the clear majority of open-borders advocating pro-Brexit libertarians and commit our resources to Brexit. Then, one maniac took it upon himself to shoot a pro-Remain MP in the…

Referendum Indoctrination


I went leafleting last night with my two year old boy. I would get to the gate, hand him a leaflet and walk down the path with him to the door. I would risk my fingers propping open the letterbox and he would slide them in. He loved it. He was Postman Bear and I…

Print your own Vote Out leaflet


We have concluded all the leaflet printing we are likely to do. There will be no more print runs. We printed 5000 copies – all fully paid for by Meetup attendees and the last of them are being distributed over the next few days on local roads. We were gratified that people wrote in asking…

Help ex-pat Australians vote for liberty

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