Theory is one thing, but to build the free friendly and prosperous society we want we need to persuade everybody to leave everyone else alone. It sounds simple, but how do we persuade them to try it?

Let’s talk strategy

Things have been going well for Libertarian Home lately, off the shoulders of Andy Janes’ rabble rousing, but although all this attention is flattering, but it means nothing unless it turns into action. I’d like to try and make that happen.

Ten percent is magic, says software model

Some boffins have claimed that in a social network “ten percent” has special powers. A software model simulated different networks of connected people and sought insights into how ideas spread through society. They observed that once a meme infects 10% of the population it has the potential to explode into the mainstream. This is not…

Stand up for yourself. What’s stopping you?

The ongoing controversy with LPUK has raised the question of what else we could be doing to move forward towards election victory? There is always the option to engage with the libertarian wing of the Conservatives or Liberal Democrat parties. The number of keen libertarians I met at the recent Adam Smith Institute drinks hints…

Discussion point: Icons of British liberty

I maintain that liberty is a British idea. My own favoured brand of libertarian philosophy – Objectivism – was made in America, by a Russian, but it grew from and explicitly endorses the thinking of the American revolution, the notion of individual rights that come from our enlightenment era. British values are objectivist values, or…

Party reform round up

The first short-term goal of Libertarian Home was, and for the time being remains, to facilitate discussion of a specific set of proposals put forward by Max Andronichuk and Gavin Webb and Party re-organisation in general. Time has moved along and those articles are falling slowing off of the front page and down into obscurity.…

Breaking up the Party

Just as we cannot paper over the cracks and deny we have differences, we should not reject the values we have to offer one another over differences which do not relate to our purpose. The key, in my view is remaining focused on that purpose while choosing how to organise ourselves. We shouldn’t impose upon or reject one another if it does not support our goals.

The Fear of Freedom

Having libertarian views and living according to libertarian principles are two quite different things. The first is relatively easy, the second, much less so. There are many people who object to others exercising power over them and interfering with how they wish to live their lives, but it is much more difficult to allow others freedom and to refuse to take power over them. Yet, in my view, the latter is as necessary as the former for a libertarian.

The Webb-Andronichuk proposal II

The second area of the Webb-Andronichuk proposal up for discussion is perhaps the most controversial section of the proposal, it describes the supporters base and internal party structure. Membership & supporters At present, an individual can sign up to become a member of the party by paying £10 or £15 membership subscription. This gives them…