Libertarian Ideas

Practical action is needed, but action must stem from ideas. If we don’t have the ideas we cannot succeed. So what is libertarianism? What are the challenges and what are the benefits?

The Levellers, falsely so called 2.0 part 1


Some weeks ago I gave a speech to Libertarian Home on a subject of great interest to me, the Leveller movement from the time of the English Civil Wars and Revolution. For those who attended and for those who watch the video, I hope I managed to impart something of value, although, having watched it…

Borders and their Enemies

Wisbech Market: just around the corner from a row of Polish shops

The program of liberalism, therefore, if condensed into a single word, would have to read: property, that is, private ownership of the means of production… All the other demands of liberalism result from this fundamental demand. Ludwig von Mises Libertarianism alone among political philosophies holds that private property is inviolable; this commitment to private property…

Morals and Markets


There is, of course, more than one path that can lead us to a passion for liberty. The two most well-worn are the moral and the economic. Talk of the ‘spiritual’ and ‘materialism’ can obscure how incredibly close these paths are to one another. Indeed for great stretches they overlap. A morality is a restraint…

Politicians, Problems and Politics

© Graeme Maclean

Here’s a popular argument: Politicians nowadays are to a man non-entities, totally unable to capture the public’s imagination. To compensate for this they’re doing lots of trivial, silly things. Unfortunately this is only alienating voters further, and fewer and fewer are bothering to vote at all. What is needed – if our democracy is not…

Free lunches

free lunch

Some of the folks on the left don’t realize is that ‘corporatism’, is only possible once you’ve injected government into the economy.

Audio: The Moral Case for Capitalism with Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook LSE Talk

Yesterday was a productive day for Libertarian Home topped off nicely with an evening lecture at the LSE by Dr Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute (hashtag #LSEcapitalism). As regular readers will know, I regard myself as an Objectivist (though some more dogmatic Objectivists would want to disown me) so this was quite special…

What is a “Just War”?


It seems the British government stands on the verge of yet another foreign military adventure and, as ever, it is accompanied by profuse proclamations of piety and moral imperative. So, I thought it worth considering the old precept of the Just War (Bellum Iustum), as laid out by the theologians of the School of Salamanca…

Non-Aggression Principle and Children

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Libertarianism is based on a principle that it is not OK for institutions to implement social programs using force (the non-aggression principle). Surely governments are a major source of force against the individual. Steve Davies talked in June about close-knit communities being another one. And there is a third source of force – the family.…