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“You say tomato…”: A note on regulation vs censorship


There’s been a lot of fuss about Theresa May wanting to move OfCom into “the role of a censor”. Which is odd because, to the extent that it is effective, OfCom already occupies “the role of a censor”. OfCom issues guidance on what may not be shown to content-consumers; those who overstep the mark are…

How your MP voted on the Gagging Law

gagging law

38 degrees have published a handy list of MPs and how they voted for key ammendments My own MP Jim Dowd of the authoritarian Labour Party did okay. Did my letters work? Meanwhile, the Backbencher has more information about the problems and politics around the Act, it includes a little good news and a few…

Gagging law U-Turn

gagging law

Campaigners “left right and centre” were united against the Gagging Law, an anti-lobbying policy designed to restrict corporate vote buying has ended up restricting the activities of most non-party political organisations. Libertarian Home would have been included. David Babbs of the highly successful 38 Degrees activism website summarised the Bill thusly “If you are not…