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UK Uncut: pious fascism is still fascism


Tomorrow we are promised the spectacle of widespread mob rule by UK Uncut, as they occupy branches of Starbucks at various locations. As libertarians are the first to deny the legitimacy of the state to act in numerous ways, if not its legitimacy in toto, and do not believe that the law, at least where…

Starbucks giving up


Unlike the plucky fighter pilot of the same name, Starbucks the corporate coffee giant has wilted and turned like Monty Python’s King Arthur. According to Channel 4: Given the week ahead, Starbucks may have been trying to pre-empt criticism by issuing a statement saying: “Starbucks has complied with all the tax laws in this country…

Starbucks do not pay corporation tax


I don’t work for them, I don’t even like them. The coffee is as bland as the shop, but I use them anyway because it’s convenient and they have wifi. At least the staff are consistently friendly and try their best despite atrociously long queues. Starbucks is insanely popular. Whether we like to admit it…