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Tackling the cost of living – is UKIP getting it right?


This is about the Institute of Economic Affairs event at the Ukip conference, the speakers were: Tim Aker MEP, Head of UKIP’s Policy Unit Mark Littlewood, Director General, IEA (Chair) Tim Montgomerie, Columnist, The Times Patrick O’Flynn MEP, UKIP Economic Spokesman Christopher Snowdon, Director of Lifestyle Economics, IEA Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP Financial Affairs Spokesman With the…

Red meat for the 35%


Well, that was a drab affair. There was not much energy or excitement around the Labour conference and this year Miliband was not able to find the same spark as he had in previous speeches; those that led to a resurgence of spirit in the Labour ranks and surprised the public, the punditry and the…

Piracy and Profit, Adapt or Die

© John Abella

Is it time for “information based” industries to consider innovative adaptation, rather than legislation and prosecution, as a means of dealing with the hydra-headed beast of online piracy? The U.S. Supreme Court recently refused to hear a file-sharing case involving a $675,000 verdict against Joel Tennenbaum. While a college student, Tennenbaum illegally downloaded thirty songs…

2020 Tax Commission Report


The 2020 Tax Commission has published it’s report. The Tax Payer’s Alliance, who contributed to the report said: The Commission is calling for radical but realistic reform of our tax system which we believe is vital to kick start growth in the face of economic stagnation. The plans are ambitious but could be implemented by…

The Ayn Rand Lecture: The Long-term Consequences of the Financial Crisis

John A Allison

The ASI’s Ayn Rand Lecture will be presented by John Allison and will examine the “Long-term Consequences of the Financial Crisis”: John Allison held [his position at BB&T] during the height of the financial crisis and his banking principles are largely seen as the reason behind his bank’s relative success during the financial crisis. Therefore…

Conceptual accuracy will not persuade ostriches


Libertarianism is a set of accurate political ideas, and objectivism a set of compatible accurate philosophical ones. Like many I was drawn to both by the fact that they made sense and were consistent. Arguments for libertarianism, and austrian economics in particular, would use day to day examples of individual human decisions that I could…

How soon?

Something wicked this way comes: Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, says they must identify 5% of their budgets as part of measures to tighten financial management. [...] “In an environment of economic uncertainty, with ongoing instability in the eurozone, the UK’s large deficit remains a crucial economic vulnerability,” Mr Alexander said. “It remains…

That budget then

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So, George Osborne has delivered this year’s budget – or, more accurately, confirmed the press leaks of the last few days. Misanthrope Girl is wondering why he even bothered standing up.