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How soon?

Something wicked this way comes: Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, says they must identify 5% of their budgets as part of measures to tighten financial management. […] “In an environment of economic uncertainty, with ongoing instability in the eurozone, the UK’s large deficit remains a crucial economic vulnerability,” Mr Alexander said. “It remains…

That budget then

So, George Osborne has delivered this year’s budget – or, more accurately, confirmed the press leaks of the last few days. Misanthrope Girl is wondering why he even bothered standing up.

Budget Day Discussion Thread

Moving on from microeconomic matters, it’s bdget day and there is already a lot to talk about. The budget looks set to focus on attacking the rich and successful but there are tax-cuts to look forward to as well. The starting threshold for income tax is set to increase to £9,000 but will still fall…