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You have been warned

Nigel Farage writes: the level of risk and the prospects of contagion are such that those who have deposits in other southern European countries should get them out as soon as possible. Don’t just take my word for it. The economist and journalist Anatole Kaletsky yesterday made his support for my comments utterly clear on…

Video: Why Britain needs the euro

This talk proved to be seriously contoversial online, before a word of it was uttered. Some people chose to stay away, others came but for different reasons, but thankfully most entered into the spirit of the thing. But what was the point of talking about the euro? The intention of choosing this topic was not…

Why Britain needs the euro – Sep 6th

Libertarians are known for enjoying a good debate, and rumours abound that we are also partial  to hot headed arguments. I am hoping that this last generalistion turns out to be unjustified on September 6th because I think that this month’s speaker at the Rose and Crown will edge Harry Aldridges’ UKIP sales pitch as…


I am mildly bemused that central bank governors seem to be talking with some equanimity about Greece leaving the euro

Robert Peston