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I poked further and found assorted interviews of the kind of jaw-dropping rightwingness that used to get pop singers castigated in the music press, but seem to have passed under the radar entirely – despite Turner’s status as an arena-headlining act. I started tweeting some of the choicer quotes, and soon Twitter seemed to be abuzz with amazement at what he’s had to say. – Michael Hann, Guardian

So hang on, is leftwinginess some kind of qualification?

Seriously, they just don’t notice how bloody closed minded they are do they?

A bit of Frank (#fthc)

I like this song. I’m not a musician, I don’t know about all the poetical pentametrical devices or who the people are that he name-drops in the lyrics but the idea of being what you believe and going beyond technical theses is, in fact, spot on. It is written so you can take your own…


i’m not an anarchist, i believe in government and a state of some form, but i believe that a culture that treats them as the enemy is both honest and healthy. and you know what, in a free society, people will fuck up, fail, and have a shit time. they still do in our over-governed society as well… it’s just that everyone has to tolerate a massive loss of freedom in our current situation.

it’s precisely because people are cunts that i feel like this. if people are cunts, why concentrate power in the hands of a minority??? access to which is decided by adherence to the rules of the media circus that we call modern democracy? i am 10079829209% more scared of Gordon Brown than i am of kids at the end of my road.

Some bloke called Frank, November 2005