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Video: Steve Davies’ History of Individualism

Stephen Davies speaking

The civil war undermines and blasts apart political and spiritual authority, and a radical movement develops. By 1646 Richard Overton is imprisoned at Newgate from where he fires his Arrow Against All Tyrants, effectively a libertarian pamphlet. Notably it is a property rights respecting right-wing form of individualism.

Monday speaker: Steve Davies, PhD

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For some “individualism” is a dirty word, an intellectual excuse for greed; for others it is the intellectual tradition that ended the slave trade and is the key to freedom in our time. Which is it? On Monday Historian Steve Davies will relay the history of this tradition; chart its waxing and waning popularity, and…

Why the 2005 Gambling Act never paid off

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The IEA is asking a panel why the 2005 Gambling Act never paid off: …many of the liberalising measures mooted for the 2005 Gambling Act were dropped by a Labour administration beset by a bruising press campaign – warning of “blackjack on every street corner” – and hamstrung by pre-election jitters. But is it now…

Hayek’s view of Thatcher and Reagan

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The IEA offer a solution to the questions of Hayek’s relationship with Thatcher and Reagan at their lecture of 5 September 2012. Each year during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership she attended the annual IEA lectures in memory of Friedrich Hayek, whose work she greatly admired. While they mostly agreed on the general direction of public policy,…

Authur Laffer on the Laffer Curve

[One of] a few of the advances that powered this extraordinary century Time I remember once passing a stall manned by socialists and surrounded by a small huddle of voters. I had a few seconds, but only a few seconds, to express my distaste before getting back to paid work. I listened for a few…