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Speaker Profile Gintas Vilkelis 

Dr Gintas Vilkelis has had an interesting career spanning physics, silicon design, psychology and politics. He now sits on the research council of Parliament Street, a think tank affiliated to the Conservative  Party which enjoys a similar online profile to Libertarian Home. He was also on the Board of Advisors of Young Britons for Liberty. I…


Guess who said this: “I’ve watched all my life, irrespective of which government… ministers trying to run hospitals from Whitehall. It’s just too big, too complicated” KEN LIVINGSTONE Am slightly worried to find myself agreeing with something Red Ken said for the first time ever! Sadly he doesn’t take this to its logical conclusion that the…

Putting theory into practice

The mandate to govern is notionally based on democracy – they have the right to oppress us because we voted for them to do so, by why would people ever vote to leave the relative safety of the UK state? There are, after all, many more statists than libertarians. There is a simple answer. It could happen if the voters in a region could be shown, clearly and unequivocally, that to vote to secede from the UK was indisputably and massively in their personal economic interest.