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UK Libertarian Party’s 2011 Accounts


I have received a PDF copy of LPUK’s 2011 accounts from a former member*, and can provide an updated calculation of the LPUK’s bank balance. Assuming they are authentic the balance as at 31st Dec 2011 should have been £4307.32. I would encourage anyone with an acknowledged membership* of that party to request sight of…

LPUK’s accounts investigation update

GB Accounts, 2010

Back in October people were looking to me to work with Nic Coome to establish some transparency in the LPUK accounts, the idea was to try to heal the rift by establishing what had happened, if anything, to all the money. Recall that various accusations had destroyed trust in the leadership and caused a bust…

Despite the troubles, LPUK will always have my support

I have only recently joined the Libertarian Party, so I am not entirely involved in the history which has led to some accusations being made against its leader, Andrew Withers. I only know one side of the story, and that is the side which has made such accusations which I do not wish to dwell…

AGM venue announced (LPUK AGM)

It is for the sake of completeness only that I note that Andrew Withers has announced the venue for the LPUK annual general meeting. This meeting is not recommended even for the brave of heart. Party AGM 24th March 2012 10am Committee Room 2 Clevedon Town Council 44 Old Street Clevedon North Somerset Membership Card…

Future strategies- a minimal party

This post was originally written when the ‘Coongate’ fracas kicked off.  It was published on the LPUK.org site on May 28th, and is therefore is no longer accessible there. Since them my LPUK membership has (I assume) lapsed, and I’ve ambivalent about getting involved in another party, but thought would repost here so people can refresh their memories prior to the Strategy…

Meeting with Nic Coome

The Southwark Drinks were attended last night by Nic Coome, who is registered with the EC as chairman of the Libertarian Party UK. The party is currenlty split with a rump of legally registered officers and the NCC’s appointees claiming the same posts. We’d heard from Tim Carpenter for the NCC as he lives locally, but it was the first time anyone from the rump had come to London to talk to activists.

So how was Southwark?

The Rose and Crown, Photographed by Ewan Munro

It was good to see so many people getting reacquainted with one another over a few Spitfires. Some promotion here lead to attendance quadrupling on last month. Rumours that Andrew Withers and Nic Coome would be joining us may have helped, but proved unsubstantiated. As always, the discussion was wide-ranging. I’ll try to summarise the best I can.