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We Need a State Monopoly of Education…

It would seem Mr Gove’s speech at Brighton College yesterday has riled our good friend Mr Monbiot into a bit of a rage… Michael Gove is of course quite right: the “stratification and segregation” of British society are “morally indefensible”. He is also right to observe that “it is remarkable how many of the positions…

For God’s sake don’t re-nationalise the Railways!

Yesterday’s news on rail fare increases has, as can be expected, been met with the usual cries of outage by special interest groups like Passenger Focus and the RMT. Via Facebook, I found this e-petition to re-nationalise the railways, which has already attracted the signature’s of 1,969 mad fools.  Yes, let’s get the government even more…


The tone of the public discussion as to whether “we” should “let” News Corporation buy more shares in a company it founded is disgusting. Why do “we” (who never put a penny into either company) have the right to decide? Why do “we” have the right to wipe millions off the value two great companies to gratify “our” lust for vengeance on an old man?

“Tom Paine” in response to my article at Anna Raccoon

Murdoch the Indefensible?

There is something troubling about the way this saga has been covered that stretches even to the libertarian blogosphere. Murdoch’s bid to buy BSkyB was a perfectly non-aggressive transaction, yet it was blocked. An application for permission he should not have needed was “deferred” and then abandoned due the pressure of the mob on the State to exercise it’s discretion over a private sale. I wonder if I am alone in noticing that this was wrong; that the State should never have had that discretion in the first place?