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Why should libertarians participate in the electoral system?


Some of you may be aware of my efforts to create a new libertarian political party. My aims for this party are simple. 1) Get registered with the Electoral Commission; 2) Get members; 3) Get activists; 4) Get libertarians elected to councils across England, Wales and Scotland. The structure and indeed the name of the…

The advantages of regional parties

Stuart Heal has caused a stir with his debut contribution concerning the design of a potential new party. Lucian writes: Why start with a national party? […] I’m not interested in funding a group of five people who want to sit around doing basically nothing except “approving” my local candidate and trying to control my…

Designing a New Libertarian Party

As far as I know, there have been two explicitly Libertarian parties formed in the UK in recent history. The first one was the Independent Libertarian Party, formed by Antoine Clarke and Paul Marks in 1998, and since disbanded. I know very little about the history of this organisation, and nothing about why it no…

Party Project Microsite Open

I’d like to notify readers that a new focused discussion area is now open on Libertarian Home. If you would like to discuss Gavin’s project to create a new libertarian party, or wish to advocate other directions, you’ll find opportunities to do so there. I’ve organised items in this section into “working groups” where particular…

Approach to Market

Are we simply going to provide a way for a candidate to stand with an ideological label on the ballot, or is the demand for a party a desire for something bigger and more organised that will speak on behalf of it’s members?

Are we ready to discuss policy?

A detailed debate now about policies could be very distracting. Potential members will of course want to design a party to suit the changes they want it to make in the country, but are we better off focusing on the organisational design before discussing policy? Are there policy positions that might influence party design?

A new libertarian party must hit the ground running

Agile Camp

Enthusiasm abounds for Gavin Webb’s initiative to start a new libertarian party here in the UK. So far it is just a mailing list sign up, a register of interested parties, but social media is buzzing with the inevitable and exciting question of the name. A name must work hard for any new enterprise, but…