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The Panama Papers Tell Us Nothing and We Have No Solutions


What exactly do the Panama Papers tell us? Nothing, absolutely nothing. There is nothing surprising in the Panama Papers at all. The Guardian have made a good job of the whole shock horror, class war, what about the poor millenials thing, but ultimately there is very little to say. Is anyone surprised that wealthy people…

“You say tomato…”: A note on regulation vs censorship


There’s been a lot of fuss about Theresa May wanting to move OfCom into “the role of a censor”. Which is odd because, to the extent that it is effective, OfCom already occupies “the role of a censor”. OfCom issues guidance on what may not be shown to content-consumers; those who overstep the mark are…

Beesely lectures

The IEA has posted a series of lectures in honour of Professor Michael Beesley, “architect” of the British system of utility regulation. The lectures cover a series of topics of interest to libertarians where the design of policy is non-trivial, where new knowledge might influence the design of policy, and where libertarian ideas might make…

That budget then

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So, George Osborne has delivered this year’s budget – or, more accurately, confirmed the press leaks of the last few days. Misanthrope Girl is wondering why he even bothered standing up.