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“You say tomato…”: A note on regulation vs censorship


There’s been a lot of fuss about Theresa May wanting to move OfCom into “the role of a censor”. Which is odd because, to the extent that it is effective, OfCom already occupies “the role of a censor”. OfCom issues guidance on what may not be shown to content-consumers; those who overstep the mark are…

Beesely lectures

The IEA has posted a series of lectures in honour of Professor Michael Beesley, “architect” of the British system of utility regulation. The lectures cover a series of topics of interest to libertarians where the design of policy is non-trivial, where new knowledge might influence the design of policy, and where libertarian ideas might make…

That budget then

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So, George Osborne has delivered this year’s budget – or, more accurately, confirmed the press leaks of the last few days. Misanthrope Girl is wondering why he even bothered standing up.