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As our increasingly indistinguishable political class works to limit the freedom of the press, and the enforcement of politically correct speech codes makes bigger headlines than serious arguments about policy, our space to discuss the issues that matter is shrinking. So much is off limits that there is little sensible left to say.

Marc Sidwell


Uruguay’s proposal to create a government controlled legal marijuana industry has made it halfway through congress, giving President Jose Mujica a long-sought victory in his effort to explore alternatives to the global war on drugs.


Drugs, Morality, The Law & Peter Hitchens

I expect I have more time for Peter Hitchens than many libertarians.  Credit where credit’s due, I say; the man has been on the right side of a great many issues over the last few years, such as the defence of habeas corpus, jury trials and other hard-won limitations on state power; he has been…

Objectivist rationale for drug legalisation

Yaron Brook answers a question about drug legalisation. In an earlier video from the ASI in London he talks at some length about selfishness and he uses drug abuse as a definitive example of the difference between rational self interest and self-destructive behaviours. This illustrates a subtlety that is common to a lot of libertarian…

IEA Event: Drugs: The War We Never Fought

Mark Littlewood chairs a head to head debate on the drug war on May 16th: Peter Hitchens […] argues that politicians, lawyers and police long ago gave up any serious attempt to restrict drug use in the UK and that laws against possession and use have been neutralised to the point of meaninglessness. But IEA…

War on Drugs debate

YouTube and Google will be using the war on drugs to showcase their new chat technology and host a debate on the War on Drugs. You will be able to express your sentiment in real time: Watch the live debate here on Tuesday 13th March, 7pm GMT. Richard Branson, Russell Brand, Julian Assange, Eliott Spitzer,…