Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes

On 13 July 2011 the IEA is launching a plan for comprehensive spending and tax reform – Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes: Big Steps to a Smaller State. The publication examines every aspect of government spending and offers a fundamental rethink of the role and scope of the state, providing solutions which would see increased economic growth and radically reduced spending levels.

Speaking at the panel discussion will be:

  • Prof Philip Booth, Editorial and Programmes Director, Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Simon Heffer, journalist and author
  • Mark Littlewood, Director General and Ralph Harris Fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Prof Patrick Minford, Professor of Applied Economics, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
  • Elizabeth Truss MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk

RSVP (acceptances only) at the IEA site or to IEA reception by email to or by phone on 020 7799 8900.


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