Are Facebook the real data villains?


Mark Zuckerberg, Head of Evil at data empire Facebook. © Jason McElweenie

We’ve all heard people moan about Facebook’s privacy policy and how they collect too much data… But has anyone actually done anything about it? Well, not until now…

An Austrian based campaign group called ‘Europe’ Versus Facebook has decided to do something about the evil data hoarder… They are encouraging Facebook users to use European law to demand their data back

It is almost impossible for the user to really know what happens to his or her personal data when using facebook. For example “removed” content is not really deleted by facebook and it is often unclear what facebook exactly does with our data. Users have to deal with vague and contradictory privacy policies and cannot fully estimate the consequences of using facebook.

A company that constantly asks its costumers to be as transparent as possible should be equally transparent when it comes to the use of its costumers personal data. Transparency is not only a question of fairness but it is also a principle of European data protection law. It is time that the biggest social network worldwide sticks to these legal principles.

You can take a first step for more transparency on facebook by requesting a full copy of all your personal data.

As far as I’m concerned this is way up there on the ridiculous scale. Possibly somewhere near the moon.

Just ask yourself, what precisely are Facebook going to do with your data? Are they going to send jackboot wearing thugs round to your house if you fail to ‘like’ something? Nope, probably not. I doubt they even care what you like, what you say, or who or what you do at the weekend.

More than likely they’re just going to target some ads at you. And the reason for this is that you get to use one of the best communication tools on the planet — for free — and Mr Zuckerberg has to put some bread on his employees’ and investors’ tables.

Also unless I missed the brain control conspiracy no one forces you to sign up to Facebook. So if you don’t like Facebook — don’t use it. It’s quite simple.

The argument against Facebook and other data based companies is a red herring. At most they can annoy you, but there is nothing to fear. Ultimately the argument is just another excuse for State involvement in the economy.

If you want to worry about an institution that misuses your data, look no further than our beloved protector and saviour — the State.

You can’t opt in or out of any of the data they collect about you. Try refusing to tell them how much you earn… They can and will send thugs round to your house if you don’t provide correct information when requested. What’s the threat that comes with the Census?  They have a tendency to lose your data. And they do track what people say and think.

If you’re worried about your personal data being abused stop fretting about the Facebooks and Googles of this world. And start questioning what the State is doing with it.

One Comment

  1. Yes, the real issue here is the Elephant in the Room, an Elephant with a monopoly over being in YOUR room, when it wants to be, shovelling up as many of your buns as it decrees when it wants to, before you have had a chance to eat them yourself, crapping on YOUR carpet, forcing you to clear said crap up when it demands otherwise it and its rampant herd will gore you then trample your arse into the ground and send your family the bill.

    Nice elephant. No wonder most people are too scared to admit it exists.



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