AGM venue announced (LPUK AGM)

It is for the sake of completeness only that I note that Andrew Withers has announced the venue for the LPUK annual general meeting. This meeting is not recommended even for the brave of heart.

Party AGM 24th March 2012 10am

Committee Room 2 Clevedon Town Council

44 Old Street Clevedon North Somerset

Membership Card required for entry and £5 towards venue costs

The choice of Clevedon as venue and the 10am start speaks volumes about Andrew’s willingness to face his critics. Since facing down the accusations made against him is a prerequisite to success for LPUK, this attitude highlights the negative outlook for the party. I continue to feel concern for those people involved in this group, they seem enthusiastic and to have good intentions. Members might have wished to received an explaination about his conduct well ahead of this meeting, but none has been received and attempts to get basic financial information via Nic Coome have also come to nothing.

In other news Wikipedia have deleted the LPUK entry, stating that the Party is not noteworthy. Part of me still wishes that this was not the case, but it is perhaps for the best that this wayward entity no longer has the status afforded by an entry in the worlds most comprehensive free encyclopedia. If it means to be noted, it must earn the privilege.

It is now Sunday. Let’s start fresh on Monday.


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