Reviewing the Liberty League Freedom Forum 2012

The Liberty League conference took place in Newcastle over the weekend. The twitter buzz about it is obvious but Paul, a regular at the Rose and Crown has written to ensure Libertarian Home readers know exactly how awesome it was.

The lectures and speakers were of a very high quality featuring celebrated libertarians such as Mark Littlewood, Alex Singleton and Madsen Pirie to name a few.

Liberty League ensured the event was subsidised heavily, so that “no money needed to be spent for the whole weekend”. Paul spent “just ¬£30 + travel”. This is a great. Politics, conducted honestly and outside of the Westminster / media nexus is not profitable. I believe we should be willing to pay more than we do to ensure we’re protected from political aggression, but for now and for the most part it is an expensive hobby to have with few opportunities to go professional. Subsidies are most welcome.


There are precious few Libertarians and we should seek each other out and form a strong community with which to co-operate. Fortunately networking opportunity’s at Liberty League Forum were “brilliant”, and not just limited to the national scene. “Lots of international attendees” made sure that the web of connections spread broadly.

This variety ensured there were plenty of exchanges of ideas and experience going on people were helping each other to understand the best ways forward for the movement and for their own activism.

Accessibility for non-Students

My correspondent tells me “older people did not look out of place”, but adds “one thing that could of been improved is we were told to be there on Friday at 4pm, when actually, that was useful but not essential.” Of course, for anyone that works, this means leaving work substantially earlier than usual to make the trek to Newcastle. Not always possible outside of the public sector.

Paul concludes that the event is definitely suited to Libertarian Home people and the attendees of our regular meetup in Southwark:

In my opinion, it was 10/10

One Comment

  1. Simon,

    My wife and I were two of the “older people”! We hadn’t actually realised that this was essentially a student event but there aren’t too many libertarian events accessible from Edinburgh so we signed up without checking things out too much.

    It was indeed an excellent event – even for us oldsters. When we arrived I noted that I’d never heard of any of the folk on the name tags, although I did know several of the speakers. That’s actually a very good thing for it shows just how many people are now interested in libertarianism. One local complained a bit that the number of libertarians in Newcastle could be “counted on the fingers of one hand.” “Pah!”, I responded. “I remember when the number of libertarians in the whole of the UK could be counted on the fingers of one hand!”

    To repeat – an excellent event.



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