Brian and Antoine on the US Election

I though I should share this excellent podcast where Brian Micklethwait catches up with Antoine Clarke over the US Election. If, like me, you like Brian’s style you can hear more from him in person on another topic on Thursday, although with 28 RSVPs you may need to sit on the floor.

Incidentally, I did know that Romney spoke French – and how he learnt it – though I don’t recall where I heard that.

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  1. Well if one judges by the internet then Obama wins by a mile – what always comes up is stuff like Huffington Post and Wikipedia (i.e. unpaid college students with nothing better to do than engage in P.C. agitprop). As for “more from the web” sections – they are demented (unless it is Michelle Malkin or someone specifically doing the “right side of the web”).

    If one believes the “more from the web” stuff (and the msm) it is Romney who is to blame for Bengazi and he has been “humilated by it” (and on and on).

    Do I believe the search engines and so on? No – no more than I believe the Financial Times (with its propaganda that the only reason that anyone could possibly oppose Comrade Barack is racism).

    Gary Johnson – he will get nowhere (not even 1% of the vote).

    Antoine makes an interesting point about Romney – as Governor of Mass (with an overwhelmingly Democrat State Legislature) he can not really be judged (although he did do some cutting – but it was very minor stuff). In healthcare the “clever” trick of making everyone buy health insurance (Swiss style) was supported by just about everyone – on the grounds that the hospitals (i.e. everyone else) were forced to treat the uninsured anyway. And almost everyone (including Romney) were wrong – as the situation in Mass is even worse than before the latest intervention (no shock to me there).

    The rule of law is important – and someone like A.G. Holder hates the rule of law. The whole Obama regime hates the rule of law – and even social democrat levels of limits on government.

    “We will have great dissenting when the economy collapses under Obama” does not work if dissent is removed (News International removed by tax audits or whatever – and talk radio closed by “localism).

    Good point also about a “solution” that involves starvation – this is not a solution (this is failure).

    Although (by the way) Perry is American (he has citzenship I believe).

    The power of the msm?

    It depends whether one believes the electronic side.

    For example the New York Times sells about 700 thousand copies. Yet it claims to have a “digital” impact of some 800 thousand more copies.

    If that is true then the msm is doing fine.

    But if they are lying……

    However, Antoine is wrong about a lie not working if it depends on “no one in the universe not knowing it is a lie”.

    In a democracy all that matters is that 51% do not know.

    The Youtube video had nothing to do with the Bengazi attack.

    But do 51% of voters know that?

    Do 51% of voters know anything about the scandals of Bengazi?

    As for the voting fraud.

    Actually Bush won Florida by MORE than was published at the time. By the way the ballot papers in question were designed by Democrats (they were Democrat counties that made a mess of the count in Florida).

    However, John Kerry lost various States in 2004 that were given to him – by voting fraud.

    Even in 2000 Gore’s people did plenty of voting fraud (bussing people from polling stations to polling station) – and the media did not care.

    Every State with voter I.D. laws – provides (free of charge) photo I.D.

    But Jon Stewart says there is no voting fraud – so that is O.K. then.



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