Merkel tells us what the British politicians don’t dare to

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks the plain truth on the European Project:

“Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the EU council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have more powers. But for now, we have to focus on the euro and give people a little bit of time to come along,”

There is nothing surprising in her words. This has always been the plan, right from the very beginning, and continental politicians have never hidden this from the citizens of their countries. However, in marked contrast have been the pro-Brussels politicians in our own benighted land, who have taken great pains to conceal the meaning of ‘ever closer union’ from the voters, not only by failing to discuss it, but by denouncing anyone who did bring it up as either a fantasist or a xenophobe. Like Merkel, they have wanted to “give the people a little bit of time to come along”, not so the people will be convinced of the merits of such a plan, but so that the plan would be so far advanced that it would be too late to escape the closing jaws.

There is of course a rational case to be made for a federal union of the western European states. There would, no doubt, be advantages for some people in such an arrangement. Indeed, if the people of continental Europe desire such a union, and choose it freely and fairly, who am I to deny them this? Who knows, if the political class in this country were not and had not been over the last forty years so implacably opposed to telling the truth, there may even have been more than a handful of people here who agreed with them.

It’s far too late for that now. The perfidious political class, who have embezzled so much of the national sovereignty, which they were entrusted to guard, cannot now open a discussion on the issue, which should have been held in the 1970s, if not earlier.

In fact, the discussion was held, as the masterful speech by Hugh Gaitskell from the Labour Party conference in 1962 makes plain (I urge people to read it!), and the result was a resounding rejection of joining the ‘Common Market’. The quote below is one of the most remembered lines from the speech, which should also be noted as the last time a leader of a major British party told the truth on the European question. (Sadly, telling the truth is rarely good for a politician’s health; he was dead within months.)

We must be clear about this: it does mean, if this is the idea, the end of Britain as an independent European state. I make no apology for repeating it. It means the end of a thousand years of history. You may say ‘Let it end’ but, my goodness, it is a decision that needs a little care and thought.

There will be some libertarians, I know, who care little or nothing for such things as nation states and national sovereignty. But even for those who take such a position, does it make any sense to erect above our own profligate and overbearing national government, another, even greater, even more profligate, even more distant, and almost hermetically insulated from public scrutiny and accountability?

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  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must leave the European Union. The dispute is not over details – the basic purpose of the EU is to crush independence (to destroy both individual, group and national freedom).

    Someone who supports the European Union is not worthy of a vote. Why send someone to the U.K. Parliament who believes that the Parliament should be trumped by an external power?

    Even if it means a “wasted vote” I would never vote for a candidate who supports the European Union. Which is one reason I am fortunate to live in Kettering.

    By the way the above is not “anti European”.

    I also support freedom for all other European countries (including Germany), let these places compete with lower taxes and less regulations – in order to attract business enterprises.

    And if governments (or banks) go bankrupt?




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